Scripting News for 8/17/2006

A hardware upgrade is coming later today. 

At 9:20PM Pacific, the hardware upgrade is done. 🙂 

There’s a pretty funny podcast coming out tomorrow over on Pajama Media; an interview by Andrew Keen, of yours truly. 

Lance Knobel: “On Heinz Avenue in slightly industrial west Berkeley, there was a large farm truck, with its ramp down. Gleefully charging out of the truck was a large drove of goats, being herded into a derelict, hugely overgrown site.” 

Amyloo: “Hil says she is running out of time to do anything with her giant Dave masks in time for One Web Day.” 

Lisa Williams: “I am at The Berkman Thursday Blog Meeting demoing the OPML Editor.” 

Here’s why Countdown is down for the count. Dan Abrams, who the MSNBC “chief legal analyst” (and led off the yesterday’s count) is the new president of MSNBC. Apparently Hardball today is all about JonBenet too. Oh my god. Dan Abrams, the Worst. Person. In. The. Worrrrrrrld.  

BBC: “Boeing is scrapping its in-flight high speed broadband service because of lack of interest from leading airlines.” 

NY Times: “A federal judge in Detroit ruled today that the Bush administration’s eavesdropping program is illegal and unconstitutional, and she ordered that it cease at once.”  

What’s the deal with JonBenet Ramsey. I don’t get it. I totally tuned it out every time the press became obsessed about it, there was always some news report that didn’t go crazy, but now there’s not. I’ve gotten in the habit of watching Countdown every night at 9PM on MSNBC, it’s biased, but it’s biased in my way, always taking the dimmest view of Bush, without going into total fantasy-land. And last night, with President Clinton suggesting the obvious, that President Bush is using the supposed terror crisis in Britain as an excuse to bash Democrats, they spent 45 minutes on some development in this 10 year old murder case. How many Iraqis died yesterday? How many Americans died in Iraq? How’s the Lebanon peace thing working out? What about the hysterical passenger on the flight from London to NY? Not one word on Countdown. All through the show Olbermann is making lame excuses for what they made him do, obviously they’re trying for more ratings. I couldn’t let this pass without saying something.  

Michael Markman noticed it too. Would someone call Olbermann and tell him we’ll forgive him this one transgression, but that’s enough of the sensationlism. Go back to bashing O’Reilly and everyone will be happy. (Oh and to repent, name yourself Worst Person in the World.) 

And at the same time, CNN is actually getting better. Anderson Cooper is on vacation, and they have Wolf Blitzer and Christianne Amanpour substituting. Neither of them are great, but I’ll take anyone over AC, who is a complete utterly ditzy airbag (who wears great clothes even when he’s running from Hezbollah rockets). Someone needs to tell him that war isn’t exactly like a hurricane.  

Some problems this morning on the OPML community server. It should be back up now, but running slowly. I’m doing a full backup of the static content, just to be sure.  

BBC: “Ambassador Sha responded strongly to the allegations. ‘It’s better for the US to shut up,’ he said.” 

Hardware upgrade 

Later today I’m going to upgrade the hardware that the OPML community server is running on, basically splitting it into two machine, one for the blog hosting and directory hosting, and another for everything else. I happen to have the extra server capacity, unused, so it won’t actually add anything to my monthly bill.

However, it will not be a transparent change if you’re using the server to host directories with your own domain name (using the Map A Domain feature).

If you read the docs for Map A Domain, you’ll see that it calls for you to map your domain to

That will change to, when the upgrade is done, probably sometime tonight (I’ll post a note on Scripting News).

I’m not posting this on because the server is so slow I’m concerned no one will be able to read it.

Sorry for the difficulty in this transition, however, the good news is that we should get better performance. (Fingers crossed, praise Murphy.)

At 9:20PM Pacific, the hardware upgrade is done. 🙂

4 responses to this post.

  1. Dems don’t like war, so the media cancelled it 😉


  2. Funny… I was just on my way to blog about this and send a note to MSNBC when you beat me to it. Here’s what I don’t get: brand Olbermann is doing very well, I hear. I’ve read he’s the bright spot on MSNBC ratings. Yet last night’s show was a complete violation of the Olbermann brand. Thankfullly, I can watch on my Moxi DVR and FF through the crap. I was astonished… to see it take up three-quarters of the show.

    But I’m filing this under “be careful what you wish for”: Early yesterday, Chris Pirillo posted a bit about some puppies dying in a truck accident under the headline “The Worst News You’ll Hear All Day.” I commented that I truly hoped so and that I wouldn’t have to hear about deaths in Baghdad, Lebanon, Darfur, Israel, or anywhere else. Jump forward to Olbermann’s distored show. Turns out Pirillo is a prophet.


  3. I cross-posted my blog entry to a Daily Kos diary and got this response:

    “I’m actually kind of intrigued. How’d they figure out it was this guy 10 years after the fact? How’d they track him down in Thailand? Why aren’t the people who figured this out working on, oh say, finding Osama bin Laden?”


  4. Posted by Michael Pate on August 17, 2006 at 1:04 pm

    If Olbermann is a bright spot, MSNBC is in more trouble than I realized.

    “”Countdown With Keith Olbermann” also was up, but a feud with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly didn’t help his competitive position much. Olbermann finished third in the 25-54 demo and fourth in total viewers to Headline News’ “Nancy Grace.”” –Variety


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