Scripting News for 8/19/2006

According to Andrew Grumet, Treo’s can play MP3s (with a bit of messing around). As far as I know, Blackberries can’t.  

Jeff Jarvis: “Small is the new big.” 

Steve Martin: “Immediately after the show, we’re all gonna go out.. and get really small!” 

Dare Obasanjo: “Kiko was a feature, not a full-fledged online destination let alone a viable business.” 

Scott Rosenberg: “Calendaring doesn’t easily lend itself to large-scale social interaction and wisdom-of-crowds behavior.” 

Wired News sent a reporter to Mountain View to try out Google’s wifi coverage. They got through. I tried it at a restaurant on El Camino near Castro, and Google appeared in the menu, but the signal was too weak to connect.  

Hmmm. Did Valerywag get hacked? 🙂 

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  1. Posted by Paul on August 20, 2006 at 12:29 pm

    One of the main reasons Blackberries have been so well received in the Enterprise is their one-trick-pony peronsality–email (OK, and now voice, but if they didn’t do that, they might as well write themselves off). IT loves this, though for some reason my big IT-IT company recently stopped Blackberry support and moved everyone to Treos.

    When you said you were shopping for you’re new phone/email device a while back, I almost recommended the Treo. It benefits from a ton of legacy and new Palm aps, including MP3, video, web–well almost anything you can think of, including games, productivity things (like MS Office, PDF readers) blog posting, etc (MobileCrunch recently profiled Typepad’s Palm/Symbian/Win Mobile platform–haven’t tried this yet).

    I haven’t found it particularly tricky to play MP3s, it just doesn’t do it with the grace an iPod or other good dedicated MP3 player does. It does do a lot of stuff well though, since it is a full-fledged mini OS that has been around for long time now. Because of this (and being an early Palm user), I chose the Treo over a Blackberry before my company switch, even though the Blackberry does email better.

    However, I can almost do email as well as a Blackberry now. My IMAP email accounts are easily handled by a few different aps (my fav is Chattermail), and then you can always use the web browser & Gmail or other web mail aps (but Gmail seems to work best on the ‘small screen.’

    I’m not sure if Blackberry will ever catch up in the third-party application area, but as I said, that is why IT departments love them. They are easy to control security wise, because they for the most part stick to email and voice.


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