Scripting News for 8/23/2006

How I do a blog post from my Blackberry, in a movie. 

I also uploaded the movie to

Steve Rubel: “Startups advertising on startups spells trouble.” 

Evan Williams surveys the podcasting directory sites. 

Robojamie: “If less effort is required to use RSS it’s use by a majority of Internet users will soar.” I agree. is not my site. Amazing how quickly a popular idea takes hold on the web. 

Ed Cone has an interesting perspective on NYTimesRiver.  

The German version of Wikipedia is getting gatekeepers, on an experimental basis. Experienced users will approve changes before they go live. This could cut down on vandalism, but what else will it cut down on? 

Just curious, what tools do people use to post to their blogs from a Blackberry or Treo?  

I’m hosting a mobile version of the BuzzMachine blog. 

Doc Searls: “The river metaphor makes me look at the supply side of blogging from a whole new perspective.” 

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  1. I don’t think this will work for you, but Windows Mobile people posting to movabletype can use I use it from time to time and its not bad.


  2. I love the RON. Always did. RadioUserland was my favorite way of looking at blogs. I wish there was some other desktop app that did the same thing.

    OPML editor…I downloaded it but it seemed more for programming types. I’m “just” a user, so I eventually gave up on it.

    Hope all the work you’re doing trickles out to the rest of us.


  3. Posted by Paul on August 23, 2006 at 12:29 pm

    On the Treo I use a little ap called mo:blog, which works well with wordpress. Not super feature rich, but it does the job on the road.

    I’m sure you can come up with something better now that you’re attacking this rather untraveled space:)

    Please do, and make sure to include Treos (Palm that is, forget that Windows Mobile stuff) when you do it…


  4. I’m confused. You’re a proponent of decentralizing RSS distribution, but you’re hosting centralized mobile versions of people’s blogs?


  5. I’ve done:

    Instant Messenger to WordPress (via Metaweblog API so it could work elsewhere)
    RSS to SMS
    RSS to IM
    Instant Messenger to SMS
    OPML Editor to WordPress to RSS to SMS ; )

    Mostly done in PHP, a number of them were featured in O’Reilly “PHP hacks” but I can post the code and examples if someone is interested.


  6. Adam,

    I’m a big decentralization freak but this doesn’t bother me.

    Anyway, it may come from RSS, but it’s HTML and just a few sources.

    What we need to look out for are iTunes and GData (or whatever it’s called)

    Those are the services that are seriously trying to become centralized distribution centers.


  7. Slow download of your blogging video. Both from and your server.

    You’ve mentioned BitTorrent as a great protocol for large files before. Is it feasible for you to host your own tracker for stuff like this?


  8. Scoble talks about this too today . I had meant to tie the two together in my previous comment.

    Dave has been pretty hyped up by BitTorrent in the past . I’m surprised he doesn’t just run his own tracker–and somehow tie the whole process together with UserTalk glue in the OPML Editor. I’d use it. It’s a waste of one server’s bandwidth to serve up these large, popular files. And it’s frustrating on the other end because the download is so slow.

    I finally did get the Quicktime movie from the podcatch site, BTW.


  9. Posted by randyh on August 23, 2006 at 7:31 pm

    The mobile content delivery and “river of news” concepts have been implemented over and over and over and over… I don’t deny that you’re contributing something, but you’re way behind on this mobile content concept. I’d recommend that you shift focus to something truly new and innovative and stop rehashing this “Blackberry” thing…


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