Scripting News for 9/9/2006 How mobile Rivers work.  

An open suggestion to the people working on the Digg rivers, it would be great to have an OPML file of all your rivers, then it could fit into the directory of rivers that I’m working on.  

Scoble: “Now I can get Digg while walking on the beach!” 

Proof that Scoble is a media hacker. 

Today was the day I got my new house. Nice feeling. Had a bunch of friends over, then we went to lunch. The place is absolutely empty, no furniture, and not quite 100 percent clean. So on Monday I’m having a cleaning crew come through, to clean the place top to bottom. Then I think I’m going to have the floors re-done, and then paint the walls. There’s no furniture, no belongings to get in the way, and no one living there, yet, to get annoyed. 🙂 

On Thursday, Niall Kennedy will lead a tour of the Letterman Digital Arts Center during the lunch break of the Future of Web Apps summit. I’m thinking of going, it’s only $295 (wish they took Paypal) and it’s local, primarily for the schmooze. Not sure. You think a lot of people are going? Hmmm. 

Flickr photos from Podcamp. 

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  1. This is very interesting approach, espesially about mobile Rivers, something common with RSS.


  2. hi, I have read you clarification and i understand your definition of that what makes a river.

    I feel they give a better reading experience also for desktop users (I’m currently using the NewsRiver!). On the desktop you can have a “rich” mode where the river presents all the media content inside the posts or where the posts are decorated with controls to republish or share them or do any kind of social interaction.

    I also still think that on a mobile the lightness of the page is important for the overall usability of the news site.

    One question though: what is the reason for reading the feeds “in random order, different every time” ? would still work if you read the feeds always in the same order?


  3. The random order thing isn’t super important, my aggregator does randomize the order every time, what’s most important is to not get hung up on the order, that’s why I put it in the narrative.


  4. Good Morning,

    here is an OPML of some rivers of jobs. I plan to add a bunch more to that file later today:

    I’ll submit it to as well, in case that’s important.


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