Scripting News for 9/17/2006

Dan Blank: “Much of the web needs to look deeper into making their mobile versions more user friendly.” 

Steve Philip: “Somewhere in the heartland of America, a conservative’s head has just exploded.” 

Photos from today’s How Berkeley Can You Be parade. 

Movie: Chickens on stilts open Berkeley parade. 

Movie: Mobile cupcakes. 

New header graphic. Volkswagen beetle art car.  

Go2Web20 reveals just how silly Web 2.0 is. A bunch of them have significant competitors that aren’t included (in other words it’s a club of some sort, with vague rules about who’s included). I see a few there that are dead, in other words no one uses them. And quite a few that are vaporware. One where the CEO was just fired. A number of them are part of very large companies, so why aren’t their other sites listed? Why are some Web 2.0 and others not? Who doesn’t know this is all bullshit? 

The Citizendium Project will “begin life as a ‘progressive fork’ of Wikipedia.” 

Mike Arrington: “The Wikipedia community has completely intimidated me to the point where making a change to that site is unthinkable.” 

Jory Des Jardins: The Conflicted Bride

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