Scripting News for 9/18/2006

Got my new Sprint AmbassadorPhone today, as I imagine a bunch of other bloggers did as well. I tried the music store, the software is dorky but I was able to easily get a few songs to play over the speaker. I tried hooking it up to my MacBook using the provided USB cable, but no-go, and since my Windows laptop is at my other house, I couldn’t try it out today. The packaging is very nice. Has a built-in FM transmitter (haven’t tried it yet). It has a web browser, but I haven’t yet figured out how to enter a URL so I haven’t been able to try one of the rivers out. They do have news, but the UI is molasses-like.  

I went for a hike today with the parents in the hills. 

Muslims who demand an apology from the Pope for insulting Islam would have more credibility if they demanded Ahmadinejad apologize for saying the Holocaust never happened. Think that’ll ever happen? Nahh. 

Niall Kennedy on private feeds. “I believe large publishers such as or eBay would produce more feed content if they knew their customers’ data was kept private and secure.” 

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  1. I think Dare’s point about caching is particularly key to security issues :
    Along side the use of authentication/encryption support for any RSS client/Aggregator


  2. After I slammed Sprint pretty hard on the last ambassador phone I don’t think they’ll be giving me another one, even though I did opt-in for it at the end of the last program.


  3. didn’t wanna wait for WiMAX, huh??


  4. I don’t like Amadinejad’s rhetoric, nor his politics, but that CNN story is fishy.

    First off, they never actually quote Amadinejad as saying the Holocaust never happened. They quote him saying that it is a myth.

    Myths aren’t just fictions or half truths, the word has a much more complicated meaning. Read some of the definitions ( and reach your own conclusion.

    We have to remember also, he wasn’t speaking in english. Those quotes are translations.

    Finally, it doesn’t make sense to deny the Holocaust, and then turn around and ask why the Palestineans should pay the price when it was a bunch of europeans who committed it.


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