Scripting News for 9/25/2006

Ray Ozzie named top Agenda Setter for 2006. 

Where the fcuk is Gastonia? I asked my friend from Gastonia. She says I answered the question with the question.  

Everyone’s writing about the new ads on Techmeme this morning, so I thought I’d come at it from a different angle. I’ve often wanted to buy a spot on Techmeme, when I have something to announce, and don’t want to wait for other people to point to it. I’d rather just pay a bit of money and get the idea displayed in the right margin. Not sure if it makes sense to buy a whole month. Will the sponsors actually have anything to say? We’ll find out. A month is a long time to fill. Also, I wish I had had a chance to bid on an ad, I wonder how Gabe decided who to offer it to, and how he set the price. Will the value of an ad on Techmeme go up or down next month or the month after? 

2 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t understand how Arrington can say that Techmeme has invented a new form of advertising. Paid distribution for syndicated headlines (and a little logo) was a very web 1.0 business model.

    It’s a nice evolution that it’s now using RSS instead of some proprietary syndication protocol, but the fact that you have to negotiate buy a month’s sponsorship really reduces the importance of an open and well understood protocol.

    I wonder if TechMeme would sell a sponsorship slot to someone who turned around and resold the placement to people who wanted to run shorter campaigns (and used automation to sell the placements).


  2. Where is Gastonia? Here in Charlotte, Gastonia is usually found in the punchline of a joke.


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