Scripting News for 10/5/2006

Like all the cool kids, I’ll be at Web 2.2, November 9-10 in San Francisco. Like the web, it’s open to everyone.  

Google now has a ping service. It appears to be compatible. Kudos to Google for not re-inventing.  

An archive containing all the Trade Secrets podcasts done between 9/16/04 and 1/8/05. The individual podcasts are also available

I think I’m going to play hookie tomorrow and see Departed here in Berkeley. Sounds like an awesome movie, and what a cast. Wow.  

A note to those of us who have been out of power for six years. Now is the time to attack the Republicans for plotting war against Iran, for raping the Constitution. It’s time to stop complaining and moralizing. It is time to take control. BTW, the reason the press jumped on this one, imho, and not the others, is that it fits the template of previous political catastrophes. “Who knew what when?” Just like Watergate and Lewinsky. The war with Iran and the raping of the Constitution don’t fit. That doesn’t make them right, or wrong.  

Hastert sees a vast left-wing conspiracy.  

Good to see the source of the OPML Editor C-based kernel is in Google’s code search engine. I have to do something about getting the source to the scripts in various root files available in text format (as opposed to outlines) so they could be included as well. So much of the functionality of the OPML Editor is implemented in script.  

Kottke is accumulating a list of embarassing queries in Google’s code search.  

Some correspondents read this post to say I replaced my defective and as yet unrepaired MacBook with a Mac Mini. Not true. How could you replace a laptop with something with a power cord? I bought the mini for my new TV set, which arrives (knock wood) later today. 

Pretty sure I’ve got all the Trade Secrets podcasts, thanks to Raymond Poort. I’ve cleaned up the file names, set the dates correctly (according to the backup) and put them into one zip file. Uploading now. I haven’t listened to them all to be sure they are what they say they are, hopefully we can do that together. 🙂 

8 responses to this post.

  1. > I bought the mini for my new TV set

    As a kind of pet for it?


  2. Am pretty sure they are what they say they are 🙂
    Indeed, let’s listen together!


  3. Posted by knowledge on October 5, 2006 at 10:00 am

    The MacBook can be fixed, simply. Just drop it off at an AppleStore, or call their 800 number and they’ll send you a box. It’s pretty quick, too.


  4. I did take it down to the Apple Store, and they said I’d have to wait for the kit to arrive at the store, and then it would be 4-5 days after that before I’d get the repaired Mac back. I haven’t heard anything from them after that.


  5. Posted by j james on October 5, 2006 at 10:46 am

    Front Row works really well for playback if you install some extra codecs –

    Perian –
    a52codec –
    Flip4Mac –


  6. Posted by Susan Welch on October 5, 2006 at 1:22 pm


    I used to know Steve Martin when I worked with him at SGI. I would like to find him now, to ask him if he’d be interested in troubleshooting a pesky heterogeneous network for my latest client, Minerva Networks. Would you know how to get hold of him? If you know where he is, please tell him “Susan Raskin” is looking for him. I was married 3 years ago, and it has been longer than that since I saw Steve.

    Can you help?




  7. Posted by Jeff VanDyke on October 5, 2006 at 4:20 pm

    You’ve said:
    > “We’ve had no say in how our country works for the last six years”
    > “A note to those of us who have been out of power for six years.”

    Dave –

    Democrats have not been “out of power” for six years, it has been a little less than four years. Specifically, the Democrats had control of the Senate with a 50-49 majority (with Jeffords as an independent) from early 2001 until Democrats lost control of the Senate in early 2003 following the 2002 elections:

    You’ll further note that the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002 was passed on October 11, 2002 when Democrats controlled the Senate:



  8. Hey Dave.

    Did you see Departed? Was it any good?



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