Scripting News for 10/6/2006

Major League Baseball supports RSS

Philip Greenspun: “How could two brand-new airplanes with advanced avionics, flown by two professional pilots in each plane, collide at 37,000 feet?” 

I bought some Google ads for the NYTimes and BBC rivers. Surprisingly, they wouldn’t let me use “Blackberry” or “NY Times” because they’re trademarks. I was able to use Treo and Crackberry. Still haven’t found the right formula, so far in three days there have been zero click-throughs.  

Chicago Tribune: “‘It seems to me the situation is simply drifting sideways,’ Warner told reporters after completing his eighth trip to Iraq. “It was a markedly different trip from ones before.'” 

Business 2.0: “Howard Schultz, Steve Case, Vinod Khosla, and other major investors are sharing their best startup ideas. And they’re willing to give a collective $100 Million to the entrepreneurs who can make them happen.” 

LA Times: “You can see ‘Idiocracy’ if you live in Atlanta, but not in New York. In Houston, but not in San Francisco.” 

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  1. Cut and run? It is sureal when Dave Winer, Michael Savage and myself agree on something.


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