Scripting News for 10/15/2006

Scoble: “If I were running a search engine I’d actually come out and say ‘we’re gonna remove any advertiser on PayPerPost from our listings.'” 

Mets win, 12-5. Looking a lot better. It’s now a best of 3 series with the home field advantage to the Mets.  

I think the Mets made a huge mistake by not pinch-hitting for the pitcher in the top of the 5th with runners on 1st and 3rd, two out, with a 5-2 lead. The Mets bats were alive, they should have gone for it. Bad call by Randolph, imho. With the Mets ahead 11-3, no one out in the 6th, I guess it doesn’t matter. 🙂 

My favorite Met, Carlos Delgado. If you’re watching the game you know why. If not, I’ll explain later.  

My favorite Met, Jose Reyes. If you’re watching the game you know why. If not, I’ll explain later.  

Jory’s report on her wedding, earlier this month. 

Basic ingredients for a pickup brunch on a cloudy Sunday morning. Noah’s bagels, sushi, cream cheese, assorted teas, orange juice, scones, bananas, sugar, lox, salt, plastic cups. In the den, Talking Heads on the stereo, Grand Hotel on the video. 

Jason Calacanis: “iTunes is a real pain in the neck.” 

Ben Barren tunes into RSS and BitTorrent. Sounds like something I want to do.  

NY Times says it all. “If the Mets could not hit Suppan, or Jeff Weaver in Game 1, or a ragtag bullpen in Game 2, then the message from the heavens may be that, no, sorry, this is just not meant to be.” That’s the way it looked to this lifetime Mets fan last night as the Mets lost to the Cards, 5-0. A Cubs fan calls as the game is ending, wanting to welcome me to the legion of losers. No need to welcome me, I said, I am a loser, and I know it. Some days you fall asleep feeling like you won, but that’s just a temporary victory, because there’s always next year, until there isn’t. The Big Sleep awaits us all. That’s the philosophy that guides a team with philosophy

That said, the Mets are still in it, they’re down 2-1. The Cards need to win 2 more games to advance to the World Series. The Mets Magic Number is 3. Tonight’s game starts at 5PM Pacific. Let’s go Mets! 

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  1. Speaking as a die-hard lifetime Cardinals fan, I hope you are right about that “losing feeling”…and if so, I hope the same holds true for the Tigers as well.

    Go Cardinals!


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