Scripting News for 10/21/2006

Olbermann: The beginning of the end of America

Jeff Ubois: How Accessible is Historic Television? 

Yesterday we had a memorial for Craig Cline here in Berkeley, in my new house. It was a really sweet event, some people called it a salon, it felt like a meetup to me. We spent a few hours telling stories about our departed friend. All but one of his children were there. And then we started to finish up and one of his sons asked us to come back, and the kids talked to us about their father. There was such a duality to Craig, apparently, so many things his friends saw in him that his family didn’t and of course the other way too. That they lost their father at such a young age seems so terribly wrong. And if it weren’t for the loss we all felt, I would say we had a great time.  

Gene Gable brought a CD of pictures from Seybold with him to yesterday’s memorial. 

There weren’t many pictures, but I did take one as we were finishing up, the light was so pretty, and the people were intently focused. It was also the first time we used the new living room.  

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  1. I’ve never seen anything like Olbermann’s broadcast on a “national” TV network. I found myself going beyond what seemed to me a bit of over-acting and thinking, “wow, no, I’ve never seen something this.”

    He really, as he went on, seemed genuinely pissed.

    I’d be interested to know if anyone else has anything like this on a network broadcast before.


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