Scripting News for 10/27/2006

Well, the St Louis Cardinals kicked the Detroit Tigers in the ass, and won the 2006 World Series. That’s it for baseball this year. See you again in April. 

I was just tripping out on KFOG 10@10, trying to find the list of songs for tonight, and damn if they don’t have an RSS 2.0 feed. Man. Is that cool or what! Today they played ten great songs from 1968, which was a big year for me — I was 13. Wow.  

They chose a Jimi Hendrix song as the best song for 1968, I would have picked the Simon & Garfunkel song, America, if only because it’s such a great road trip song, and it brings back so many great memories. I’m sure everyone else put that song on their favorite tunes for long driving trips cassette tape.  

NY Times: “If the last month has taught us anything about the Republican Party, it is that homophobia is campaign strategy, not conviction.” 

TechCrunch compares traffic for Rocketboom & Ze Frank. 

And so does Heather Green at BusinessWeek. 

HDWorld, Nov 29-30, New York. 

Tim Berners-Lee: “Making standards is hard work.” 

Darren Barefoot has an apparently scandalous example of a company (one that lots of people respect) playing a nasty game of “we own your ass.” 

Rob Hof is getting Democratic spam too. I still am, too. All my efforts to unsub have been for naught.  

A bunch of people say that this Mac update may fix the random shutdown problems. I have installed it on my MacBook, of course, but I had already had my computer repaired. Apple hasn’t said anything that this relates this fix to the problems widely reported on the net. If it does fix the problem, Apple still gets an failing grade for communication with customers. Sending other people out to speak on your behalf is very Republican.  

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  1. Posted by Diego on October 27, 2006 at 8:38 pm

    “Apple hasn’t said anything that this relates this fix to the problems widely reported on the net.”


    The following page which is about the firmware update, on Apple’s site, does mention the shutdowns.


  2. That’s fairly vague. In any case the proof will be when users say their machines are cured by the fix. I can’t vouch for it because my machine had already been fixed when I installed the update.

    As a customer I’d prefer if they communicate with us directly and without any vagueness. Dear user, this should fix the problem you reported. It’s not that hard to automate these things, esp if you know how to use a computer, whcih presumably they do, at Apple.


  3. Posted by Diego on October 27, 2006 at 9:01 pm

    You’re right it is vague. When you mentioned there was no mention of the shutdowns, I went back to look at the link I provided. I’d actually seen that page yesterday, but only scanned it. So I went back for a proper read.

    That’s why I was surprised there was even that small mention of it. I’ve seen numerous updates from Apple, whether for the operating system or other software, and there’s been times when there was no mention of specifically what it may fix. Especially for security updates.

    As you say, the proof will be in the pudding if it fixes the shutdowns.


  4. Hey, Dave, have you ever checked out WXRT in Chicago, the best radio station on earth?


  5. I didn’t think so when I was young, but I find S&G America a bit saddening. I suppose it’s because I feel the characters are searching for something which I’ve found doesn’t exist.
    So to raise my spirits, I throw on “The only living boy in New York.”


  6. My post reminds me. Someone should start a newsreader that is called WeatherReport. Then run a commercial with S&G singing, “I can gather all the news I need from the WeatherReport” ; )


  7. Actually, Bookends is maybe one of the best pieces of American music, like ever. It ranks up there with a lot of good stuff, at the very least.


  8. Actually, now that “some of us” are reminiscing, I also remember when Republicans were sane, a real alternative to my own thinking. Legitimate, even. I know, sounds crazy, but even Nixon, from a political standpoint, was actually much further left than any Democrat currently considering a presidential bid.


  9. May another old fart chime in? I adore America. My Simon and Garfunkel songbook opens itself to that page. It’s written in 3/4 (waltz time), usual for pop music. So unusual in fact that a very pretty but very vapid aerobics instructor once instructed me that all songs have four beats to the measure.


  10. The top paragraph on Apple’s firmware update page states:

    “The SMC Update improves the MacBook’s internal monitoring system and addresses issues with unexpected shutdowns. This update is recommended for all MacBook systems, including those that received warranty repair.”

    That’s pretty clear. This update appears automatically through Software Update, which is how they chose to communicate this with customers. How else should it be communicated? Addresses (email and mailing) and owners change. Software Update doesn’t change, as long as you have internet access you’ll be alerted to the update.

    When Microsoft send out a critical update they do the same exact thing, though they make sure you have a legal copy of Windows first.


  11. amyloo, I downloaded bookends from itunes today. I had the album years ago, but it got consumed in a flood.


  12. I still have the vinyl, gore.


  13. Quote: Think that all innovation must come in the form of applications of search and you’ll be left in the dust. End quote.

    Yes, but searching is a form of mapping, and look at what satellite pictures have enabled. Compare GPS in your car with Google search – or any search.

    There’s a lot of room for improvement and a lot of new ideas right at the finger’s tip!

    America was named for Amerigo Vespucci in honor of his realization that “Hey! This isn’t Asia. These aren’t Chinese! It’s a whole other world” or another continent, anyway.



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