Scripting News for 10/30/2006

SlingPlayer for Mac OS X Public Beta Download. 

Scoble: “I don’t read separate feeds anymore. I just read everything in one long continuous scrolling Window.” 

There’s a lot of back-channel discussion of Apple’s option backdating problem, and the extent to which it involves Steve Jobs. Late last week, I heard that a major business publication is working on this story, but they’re hesitating, for fear of jeopardizing their relationship with Jobs.  

Ars Technica: Steve Jobs knew about options backdating

Google search for “options backdating apple.” 

Mark Cuban reposts an anonymous email from the Pho mail list about the terms of the Google acquisition of YouTube. Synopisis: A fair amount of the money goes to settle copyright infringment suits.  

NY Times: Circulation Plunges at Major Newspapers

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  1. Posted by Diego on October 30, 2006 at 5:37 pm

    Re Jobs. My guess is that nothing will happen to him. The media loves a story. They’ll beat it up as much as they can, then nothing will happen to Steve, and it will all die a quiet death.

    He did admit that he knew about it and apologized. He didn’t do it on his blog, but he did. 😉


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