Scripting News for 11/6/2006

I bought a Netgear powerline adapter. It arrives tomorrow. Will report. 

On CNN tonight they talk about how the Republicans don’t have a “strategy to win” in Iraq. It’s even worse, they haven’t even defined what winning is. 

Amyloo is a visionary. She had a vision about Katherine Harris in Florida. 

I went to high school, in the Bronx, with Mike Masucci, artistic director at EZTV, profiled today in Digital Content Producer.  

Question of the day. We know now that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we brought them there. (They say Saddam attacked his own people, so did we. Poor Iraq.) Next question. Have we brought nukes into Iraq? Extra credit: How many days after the election before we attack Iran? Do you think it matters if Congress is Democrat or Republican? “Here are nine ways that distributive networks are working to cover Election Day.” 

Why We Fight 

This movie, like Fog of War, changed the way I look at things, and filled in at least one important blank, probably far more than that, but only time will tell.

I’m neither a Republican or a Democrat. I’m what they call an Independent, and I think of myself as the Party of Dave. I try to think for myself, and have my own platform, and choose candidates to vote for based on how well they serve my philosophy and values. I rarely vote my pocketbook. I pay taxes, I wish they were lower, but I don’t believe any of the bullshit the Republicans throw around about Democrats. I see the money they channel to themselves, the billions they spend on Iraq, as a major major tax, one that they’ve managed to hide, for now, but it won’t stay hidden forever.

And I do think the Democrats are better because they’re just a bit more transparent. But in the end they all say a lot of bullshit to get us to vote for them, and then they go ahead and serve the people who really got them elected, the military and the media. And not the media they talk about on the media, but the people who own the media, the ones who decide which party they’re going to lean into this time around, and the ones who they raise money for so they can buy ads. It’s all a big circular flow of money. CNN supports a group of candidates, they raise money, some of it from corporations, and some of it from us, and pay it back to CNN, for ads. And of course, the other TV networks, and now Google, less these days to the newspapers, its the economics that’s the flipside of blogging. We are different, no matter how much complainers say the A-list is just like MSM. The blogosphere is distributed, there are no barriers to entry, and we don’t pick candidates and we don’t take money from them. (None of this is black and white of course, some bloggers do pick candidates, in the sense that they determine who is running, and some take money in the form of political advertising.)

George Washington, the nation’s first general, was dead-set against a standing army, he saw that as a sure way to bring back the king they just fought to get rid of. That’s why the Constitution reserves the right to declare war for the people’s representatives, the Congress. But that was circumvented right after 9-11 when Congress gave the President a blank check to go to war with whomever he wanted whenever he wanted. George Washington 0, George Bush 1.

Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex. Well, in Y2K we elected a defense contractor as vice-president. Eisenhower said god help this country if someone takes this office (the Presidency) who doesn’t understand the military as well as I do, to hold them in check. Today, we’re doing worse than holding the military in check, balancing their power, we’ve elected people who profit from their excesses! Where’s the incentive to hold back? It’s just not there. And by the way, we’ve had a standing army since the end of WWII. Another point against George Washington.

Anyway, all this is background, and what’s amazing is that the people doing the explaining in Why We Fight are all Republicans, ex-military and CIA. These are not the people the Republicans run against. They’re Republicans, and not fringe ones either. Amazing stuff.

Warning: Spoiler ahead.

At the end they deliver the punchline, they solve the puzzle of Iraq. If you don’t like spoilers, stop reading right now. But this one is too important to keep hidden.

I have this conflict about Bush, on one hand, it’s tempting to think he’s stupid. He sends all the signals that set off my east-coast inner-snob. But I think that’s a trick. I honestly don’t think it’s possible for anyone to reach the place he’s reached without being really smart and without knowing exactly what he’s doing. Any fool could see what would happen if we drove to Baghdad and tried to occupy the country. I wrote about it in the very early days of the war, before we even took Baghdad, that this would not end like they say it was going to. I was right, but I think they knew how it would come out too. And it’s only a failure if you assume they meant to do what they said they meant to do, which of course they didn’t.

What they wanted is to have 12 bases in Iraq from which they could launch an attack anywhere in the Persian Gulf. They wanted Iran to feel the American presence at their front door. They wanted Syria to feel it too. They wanted quick deployment possible to Saudi Arabia. They wanted the bases. Our standing army moved to the theater for World War III.

And anyone who says we need an exit strategy is going against what Bush wants, he says this very clearly, because Bush doesn’t want to leave.

But ony the most radical Democrats, e.g. Russ Feingold and Ned Lamont, say we should bring all our troops home immediately. All the likely 2008 Democratic presidential candidates agree, we will stay there. Why? Because they’re employed by the same people as the Republicans, there’s only a difference of style, not substance. The Democrats are making the sounds we want to hear, the ones we believe will relieve the pain we feel because we’re going to be dying for this, over and over, and they will not be heroic deaths, they will be anonymous deaths. The Americans dying in Iraq, like the ones who died in Vietnam, are not thought of as heroes, because now everyone knows that we were told bold outrageous lies when we were led to war by the government (including the Democrats).

Even so, we should vote Democratic, because it’s the clearest protest vote we have. But if we elect Democrats, we should be prepared not to stop there.

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  1. Posted by Chris Judson on November 6, 2006 at 10:16 am

    Thanks for the post, Dave.

    I thought you there was more to yesterday’s post than met the eye. _And_, this is much more meaningful talk than what usually gets shouted out on the tube.

    Still up in the air about straight ticket stuff…but definately looking closer at the candidates and trying to find the true stuff in the b.s. Also, not so sure on the transparency of the Democrats; hopefully we’ll find out this year or in 2008ish.



  2. Posted by Brett Bourne on November 6, 2006 at 10:54 am

    I’m afraid you are correct, Dave, this cabal of miscreant neo-nuts have already been successful in their real agenda, already delivered the goods for their payors – otherwise, they would be sweating this election and they clearly are not

    reality is buried so deeply now, such a big job ahead to clear the collective eyes and start to see again, the Dems winning tomorrow is a very small step, not a big one


  3. Posted by stephen bove on November 6, 2006 at 12:37 pm

    iPod Nano direct from China

    I ordered the 8GB version of the iPod Nano (product) RED with engraved name and phone number on Friday, normal delivery.

    I got a notice from Apple with a FedEx tracking number on Saturday, clicked it and noted the “pick up location” was Shenzen, China.

    The iPod arrived this morning (Monday), at around 10 AM Pacific time.

    Suggestion for a new Apple marketing campaign:

    “Think Now”

    Suggestion for American manufacturing workers.

    Go back to school.

    ps: Product Rating

    Very nice packaging, nice “clicking sound” added to UI. Overall an A+ presentation.

    Plugged it into G-5: still working on getting iTunes to see the iPod. Dropped ball: The Apple web site fails to differentiate instructions for the Old Nano and the New Nano…the old one came with an install CD, the new one eschews such a clunky add-on. So, how do I make iTunes see the iPod?


  4. I came looking for the usual tech stuff but this one works just as well. I fully agree with you that the Dems will not make any radical changes to our position about Iraq – which would be tragic. I also think that this country needs a third political party that addresses the wants and needs of a growing number of people disenchanted with the current set of goofballs leading each party. It would take them at least a couple of decades to catch up to the corruption and it would then be time for yet another renewal.


  5. Posted by Marcelo Lopez on November 6, 2006 at 4:14 pm


    Two words. Thank you. You’ve just reiterated precisely ( without the conspiracy theory spin ) what pundits out there have put forth about the “Illuminati” ( which is, of course, the conspiracy spin ).

    I disagree that the Democrats are more transparent, however, every time I look at “alternative” parties. I find more of the same from Libertarian, Green, and Reform ( There’s ‘Neo’Whig’s out there ? ) parties, among others, I keep coming away with this “Exactly who do they think they’re pandering this drivel to ?”.

    Maybe Air America would’ve benefited from someone like you on the airwaves ( there’s an idea ), who knows.

    What I DO know is that come next election, whomever’s up for high political office will have to do more than just portray themselves as “lesser of evils”.

    If independents, libertarians or reformists really want to effect change, they’ll all have to take a good strong whiff of something called “reality”, if they want “We the people” behind them to make it happen.


  6. Dave, I hope you have better luck with the Netgear powerline unit than I did with the last iteration. The advertised speed was up to 85 Mbps, but I never even came close to that. I was testing these units to see if they could take the place of my WiFi router since I was streaming HDTV from a WMCE box to an Xbox 360 (which was pushing it for WiFi). Here’s what I found from that particular model in a two-year old house, i.e.; one that didn’t have 30-year old electrical wiring:

    Looking forward to see what throughput you get!


  7. Kevin, I wish I had seen that report before I plunked down the change for the Netgear product. I read several other reviews that were positive, and I didn’t expect the advertised throughput based on those reviews. I’m not trying to stream HD over this connection (although the idea is intriguing!) — what I’m looking for is faster file copying between my work area upstairs and the entertainment system downstairs. Wifi isn’t enough.

    BTW, I *love* EngadgetHD, as soon as I got on board with HD I subscribed. Keep up the good work!!


  8. Posted by David Smith on November 7, 2006 at 9:05 am

    Studio 60 sucked last night?
    My wife and I both thought it was their best episode yet! And we were really starting to think the series was gonna tank (and it still may), but if they keep going like last night, they may have a shot…


  9. Studio 60 sucked. Not totally, though. John Goodman in the opening was great. Then it fell off a cliff. It became a wearisome parody of everything that its critics hate about the show.


  10. Hold tight Dave because your experience with the newer product might be better and if you’re just sending files, it MAY work well for you. Streaming HD is less forgiving than data files, so it didn’t meet my needs.

    BTW to your BTW: After building up HDBeat from nothing to having it morph into EngadgetHD, I left to pursue mobile technology blogging at jkOTR. EngadgetHD rocks (love my peeps there!), but we’d love to have you as a jkOnTheRun subscriber too! šŸ˜‰ Good luck again with the new Netgear product.


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