Scripting News for 12/17/2006

Lasagna in the oven, soon to feed hungry eaters. 

Getting ready to bake the lasagna. 

Glad to have gladiolas. 🙂 

Oops, you might not be the person of the year, after all.  

Om, thanks for the kind thoughts. Maybe Ev, Ben, Mena, Matt and myself should throw a party remembering how the software of the blogosphere came to be.  

Amyloo on the latest back and forth in the love-hate-fest between Amanda and Andrew. I can’t stand watching this meltdown. I may see Andrew next week in NYC, I was planning to before all this crap started flying, but I know that when Andrew is in Amanda-obsessed mode, he can’t talk about anything else, and to me it’s both frustrating and monotonous. He’s got it bad. I don’t know where Amanda is at, but if I had Andrew nipping at my heels that way, I’d be wondering how the hell I could put this behind me and get on with my life. I’ve had situations like this, where people are irrationally obsessed with me, when it isn’t clear what they want, other than to keep me right where I am. I consider both Amanda and Andrew friends. I’ve spent much more time with Andrew than Amanda, countless times I’ve told him to just let it go. I say the same thing to Amanda, because I think she’s holding on too. Of course it’s easier to see this when you’re on the outside. But that is where I am, thankfully.  

Watching the Sunday morning news shows, I can’t believe they’re seriously talking about sending more U.S. troops to Iraq. Uhhh that’s incorrect. We need to get our troops out of there. I think there’s been a misunderstanding.  

Here’s a better idea: Send Bush and his daughters to Iraq to help pacify the country. Laura can run one of the checkpoints. Hope they don’t get blown up.  

One thing that’s become clear — the press no longer supports the war. They did, for a long time, and should take their share of the responsibility. But they won’t let this war go on much longer, and they have the power. They can show us the human side of the war, here at home. Profiles of dead soldiers and their families. They know how to pull the mass heart strings. It’s hard to imagine what will make them flip back to carrying water for Bush. 

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