Scripting News for 12/27/2006

56 people signed up for tomorrow’s meetup, we now have a place to meet, at Cooper Union, 5:30PM, thanks to Sanford Dickert. There’s still some confusion about this. I’ll call Sanford in the morning, and post instructions here. I have a backup place in mind, a restaurant, in case this falls through.  

Looks like Mark Anderson gets a big I Told You So re Apple and their looming stock option troubles.  

Tonight’s Knicks-Pistons game was awesome. Triple overtime. A tour de force of basketball, teamwork, and lots of comraderie among Knicks fans. The hometeam won! Last time I went to a basketball game at the Garden was 1969. Big difference is there’s no smoking these days.  

Pictures: Knicks vs Pistons at Madison Square Garden

Disclosure: I was not offered and have not received a Ferrari laptop with Vista installed. How does it feel? Shitty. I wonder if Microsoft has considered the cost of ill-will they create among people whose opinions they don’t consider important. I know, damned if you do if, damned if you don’t. But it does feel bad, I thought that was worth saying. Everyone who got one thought it was a good idea, apparently. (Same with the Edwards announce, btw.) 

Comic of the day courtesy of Dowbrigade. 

Kirstie Milner says that iTunes hasn’t updated any podcast feeds since 12/21? 

John Edwards must be having second thoughts about announcing his run for the presidency tomorrow. It was a great idea, because the week between Christmas and New Years is always slow. But with a former president lying in state in Washington that not only sucks the attention away from his announcement, but also makes it look a bit in poor taste. Much better for he and Elizabeth to line up to pay their respect along with the Clintons, the Obamas and the Sharptons (still my favorite candidate). 

Good evening and welcome to Scripting News, Manhattan edition. Coming to you live from the Starbucks on Seventh Avenue and 55th, across from the Carnegie Deli, where theoretically, I’m having dinner tonight with Steve Rubel.  

7 responses to this post.

  1. Dave,

    Did you notice that Sanford Dickert has a location for the meetup tomorrow. I think it’s scheduled at 7 p.m. as of now. He has moved it to the top of the Wiki.


  2. Posted by Nick on December 27, 2006 at 3:18 pm

    even if you did create RSS please explain to me why it should be called an invention.

    “Before RSS, several similar formats already existed for syndication, but none achieved widespread popularity or are still in common use today, as most were envisioned to work only with a single service. These originated from push and pull technologies. Two of the earliest examples are Backweb and Pointcast.[citation needed”

    RSS was just a way for your own company to capitalize on someone else’s invention so why do you get mad when someone (MS) does the same thing to you?


  3. Posted by Nick on December 27, 2006 at 3:22 pm

    what we need is a standard format for blogs. I want to be able to take my posts if I switch from one blogging program to another.


  4. Posted by Mitchel Tyrell on December 28, 2006 at 1:23 am

    “Disclosure: I was not offered and have not received a Ferrari laptop with Vista installed. How does it feel? Shitty.”

    Considering that you shammed everyone at who works at Microsoft
    “If you work at Microsoft, thinking you’re making a difference by making cool software, shame on you.”

    And you still put forward that this is a Microsoft only thing, instead of an Microsoft/AMD/Acer thing. I’m not too surprised.


  5. don’t worry about the Ferrari thing, it’s only a computer ;- )


  6. Posted by Mark on December 28, 2006 at 7:58 am

    Dave, Good morning to you also from a friend in Southern California looking forward to your next post. Cheers and happy new year.


  7. Mr. Winer, in latest email these bloggers are requested to return this notebook. Would you accept this notebook knowing that you have to return it?


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