Scripting News for 1/3/2007

EngadgetHD: “Does BackupHDDVD really actually crack AACS? Well, yes and no.” 

Todd Cochrane will pay $100 for Movable Type tag support in external editors. 

I would say “declined to comment” instead of refused. Sounds so much more dignified.  

5 responses to this post.

  1. Dave, Jessica is a great reporter, has enough integrity in one fingernail for the whole profession. I know because I have worked with her. You should comment. We’re not all one big monolith.


  2. Maybe you were joking?? I may have misplaced my sense of humor today ;->


  3. PPS I respect your right not to comment, maybe consider it though.


  4. Posted by vanni on January 4, 2007 at 8:37 am

    re: Mr Autrey. Nothing less than a true act of selfless altruism. a true hero in the claassic sense. And an Autrey to boot!


  5. “Declined” to comment is more than just “more dignified.” It’s more gracious. It sounds like you politely declining to accept a second helping of desert rather than rudely rejecting an advance. It has the air of “Thanks, but no thanks.”


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