Scripting News for 1/4/2007

Welcome to Daylife, a “new way to explore the world.” 

Mike Arrington: “What makes Daylife stand out is not so much what it does well, but what’s been left out.” 

Incredibly rich comment thread on this Valleywag piece.  

Steve Rubel: “Daylife may not be the most comprehensive news site on the web, but it’s a winner.” 

Note: I am an investor in Daylife.  

Look at all the Placeblogs. Wow! 

Brier Dudley’s CES party list.  

NY Times: Man Is Rescued by Stranger on Subway Tracks

Robert Niles: “Journalism is journalism, no matter who does it, or where.” 

Opportunity Knocks, Try #2 

In early November I advertised here for a PHP/MySQL programmer to work with me on the SYO project. I interviewed several people, but didn’t find the right person. I’m looking for someone local, close enough to Berkeley so that meeting face to face is possible, at least once a week to begin, and then at least once a month.

This area is getting hot. Metadata about subscriptions and recommendations derived from aggregating that data should be a very active area of development, and it’ll be politically charged too, because the big companies won’t want to let users control their data. By building something outside the big companies, early on, we can head that off, and quite possibly make a nice business. That’s the concept.

To begin, I want to hire someone to work on a monthly contract basis. I listed the basic qualifications in November. Please, none of the qualifications are optional. You must be local, must have experience, must love to develop software that pleases users. Send me an email, with a pointer to your resume, if you are qualified and interested. Thanks.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Not sure what’s “new” about Daylife other than nice packaging. The content is pretty over-the-counter. But it’s early yet and will be intriuging to follow, they have good partners and an impressive honor roll.

    Or maybe I’m missing something?


  2. Placeblogs keeps getting plugged in all of the right places but there doesn’t seem to be a way to actually contact anyone at that site. I run a site that is included and they’ve mangled the name and there is just no indication of how to get that corrected. I don’t feel empowed, yo.

    ‘About Us’ leads to a link for Contact Lisa and I’m then prompted to register before I can send a message, except that clicking the link to register lands on a page that says “You are not authorized to access this page”


  3. I’m sending a link to your comment to Lisa.


  4. Hi, John, Hi, Dave —

    I changed some settings on the site, and it seems to have broken the contact form. Thanks for letting me know — I didn’t realize the change I made had broken it.

    John, it looks like from above you run the Chapel Hill Peoples’ News. I’ll try to contact you there, but if you see this you can reach me via email at lisa AT cadence90 dot com.



  5. Posted by Marcelo R. Lopez on January 5, 2007 at 8:27 am

    I second Paul’s question, not that he asked me to, but because it’s a pretty obvious observation to make note of.

    So after looking at and pouring through it a little, DayLife seems like a news filing cabinet to me, with drawers for new stories. I like the “newsriver”-ish type format on the sideline, but aren’t there already some aggregators out there that can give you “river” style display of stories. And for that matter, some aggregators already allow you to “cache” stories ( SharpReader allows up to 6 months of a feed to be kept current, way to go Luke Hutteman ).

    The one place where it seems to start to make sense to me, is in it’s tracking of mentions and usage of that to create a weighted scale of relevancy or “newsworthy”-ness. If you select a state, you see those stories where the state is mention in greatest frequency towards the beginning of a page, etc. So there’s some “relevancy” smarts going on. Not a bad featurelet.

    Still, it brings me back to Paul’s first statement, nice packaging.

    What are we missing here, Dave ?


  6. Posted by Nick on January 5, 2007 at 10:43 am

    Can you guys really not understand that Dave promotes this and sites like it because he invested in them? If you can not you should never venture near a car dealership! JK

    Seriously Dave, if you want to promote something you invest in please tell us why it is better than what we use. I don’t want to hear some marketing speak that dosent describe anything. Please just go feature by feature and tell me which site in this category is the best. I know you will not do this because your site will not win.


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