Scripting News for 1/7/2007

Forget Bill Gates, guys, Valeriewag blows (a kiss at) you. 

I asked Doc what he thought of the Valeriewag video. 

The Gates keynote was borrrring (no surprise) so I left early and came over to the Bloghaus blogging party. Here’s a movie of the scene. 

Artistic shot of people lined up for Bill Gates keynote. 

I got a press pass, the straightforward way. Went to the convention center, found the press registration office. Filled out the form. Printed yesterday’s Scripting News, gave it to them. Stood my ground when challenged. Got the badge. Lots of other bloggers were there, all of them got credentials. Not sure they knew what blogs are, but “Internet” was an acceptable form of publication. (Postscript to Gartenberg about bloggers and press passes.) 

Two reports on Netgear’s product announcements. Moving video content around a house is something I’ve been playing with for the last few months, and I gotta say I don’t believe Netgear has a product that works for most people. You need a file server for sure, but every TV set must, imho, have its own hard disk and CPU. I prefer the Mac OS and I’d love to get a few Seagate TB disks. Such a setup does make the TV a lot more expensive (today) but I think it’s the only solution that actually has a chance of working. Pretty likely Gates is going to talk about something like this tonight, and his solution almost certainly will put a hard disk and CPU at every TV (he sells OSes after all). 

I’m going to the Bill Gates keynote with Jeremy Toeman and Ron Hirson

Pictures of the press room at the convention center. 

Movie: The Las Vegas strip flies by. 

Movie: In a cab on the way to the convention center Steve Gillmor makes an admission. Steve got a press pass too. 🙂 

We had brunch at the Bologgio. 

If you want to meet up, I expect to be at the Bloghaus this evening.  

Brian Benz: A Resident Geek’s Guide to Las Vegas during CES

Bonus movie: In Scoble’s room at the Bellagio

Las Vegas weather: 47 degrees now, high — 55

Naked Jen: “I am me. Nakedjen. Who protests just about anything and everything.” 

Michael Gartenberg on bloggers at CES. I don’t count as one of them, at least not yet. Count me as a gawker, eyes wide open, gears stripped, not knowing where to begin. Like Michael I’m in awe of Peter and the Engadget folk. How do they do it? Me, I’m mostly going to tag along. I have my camera and laptop. And my cold is threatening to come back. I’m going to wear a sweater and warm jacket today, no fashionable sports jackets for this guy. And yesterday Furrier asked me who Gartenberg is. I said you gotta know Michael. 

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by mat on January 7, 2007 at 5:19 pm

    Looking forward to hearing what Gates has to say: Orlowski reports that Vista is knobbled from an HD POV and therefore useless!

    “To recap: in order to playback HD-DVD and BluRay content, Microsoft agreed to degrade video and audio functionality in Windows. Gutman points out that when “premium” content is being played, component video – YPbPr – and S/PDIF interfaces are disabled. Third party hardware that fails to obey these orders may have its be “certified” status revoked by Microsoft – leaving the user with minimal (eg VGA) functionality.”


  2. Just a family-style plug. My brother works at Canaletto restaurant at the Venetian (it’s in the back). He’s a waiter. But you and he share a name, Dave. And he and I share a last name. So if you go there, you can ask to be seated in his section — if he’s there. He’s way cool. 🙂


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