Scripting News for 1/8/2007

The beautiful Rennee Blodgett would like to kiss the readers of Scripting News. It was so sweet, we asked her to do it again!  

Movie: Zunes on display at the Microsoft booth

Brier Dudley: “Sorry, I’ve been in Vegas too long already.” 

Blogging from the press room in the South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Had a lot of fun walking around checking out products, including sound systems, set top boxes, game controllers you sit in (!) — ate some awful food, saw lots of old acquaintances. If I were at home I’d take a 20-hour nap now. My feet hurt so much. I’m tuning out the noise of the press room with my iPod.  

Ethan Zuckerman on the open source release of the Second Life client by Linden Labs.  

Wired says MP3 is the format of the future, and DRM has got to go. 

Today’s the first day of exhibits at CES. I’m going to walk-around with various Scripting News readers. I’m mostly intersted in audio and video (of course, until they invent consumer electronics for touch, taste and smell). Want to be part of the wandering Scripting News brain trust? Let’s figure out a place to meet up to wander around. I got two days to see the show. And of course we have to have a place to consume the Apple keynote tomorrow. Will it be webcast? Let’s accumulate our intelligence on the lasagna wiki

I’m starting to accumulate MSM descriptions of myself, in the right margin, to give reporters a way to describe me without resorting to the “self-proclaimed” insult. Even if you don’t respect me, it seems you should respect your MSM peers, one might hope. 

Amyloo on outline todo lists. 

I got a bunch of email after a Sony announcement yesterday that they were making a box for their Bravia TV that connects it to the Internet, and includes a RSS aggregator that gets podcasts to play on the TV. Niall Kennedy writes: “Your TV now subscribes to RSS. Crazy!” It’s worth mentioning that my TV, a 46″ Sony Bravia, already has this capability. I did it with a $500 add-on called a Mac Mini, and some RSS software I wrote myself. It’s connected to the Internet, of course, and also includes a blog editor, and an outliner. No reason to think of your TV set as anything other than a PC. 

3 responses to this post.

  1. Dave,

    That sounds great!
    Can you tell a little bit more about your Mac miniTV setup?
    Did you use the OPML Editor for it?


  2. Re: the sore footsies. You should make Scoble get a bank of those foot bubbler things
    for the Podtech suite — or better still, bring in a team of spiritual reflexologists.


  3. ..Tired Feet..

    ?? Back inthe 80s saw rollerblades (maybe pre-show)

    Could you get away with that???


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