Scripting News for 1/11/2007

TechDirt: “If the technology works as well as the demo, then Apple is going to make a ton of money with or without patents, because people will buy the phone.” 

Wired: “A prominent trademark lawyer thinks the word iPhone may be general enough for both Apple and Cisco Systems to market products under the name.” 

Jeff Pulver thinks it’s a “good thing” he didn’t file a trademark on iPhone in 1995. 

Al Jazeera: “US forces, backed by helicopters, have raided the Iranian consulate’s offices in Arbil, the Kurdish capital in northern Iraq.” 

Great blog post by Cisco general counsel Mark Chandler. “Apple is a very aggressive enforcer of their trademark rights. And that needs to be a two-way street.” 

I love Verisign and Scoble, but he’s wrong about Netflix.  

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  1. Posted by Chris on January 11, 2007 at 4:57 am

    My company’s name registered as a trademark, and the way that it was explained to me was that you had to use the mark in trade for it to be valid. There’s an exception where you can declare the intention to use it in trade, and then you get about a half year protection, at which point you have to submit evidence that you are using it in trade.

    It will come down to a trial of facts whether this trademark was ever used, whether it lapsed, etc. The sudden attachment to a rather insignificant product just before MacWorld seems like an attempt to validate their use of the name, but if it was never valid in the first place, or lapsed for lack of use, Apple might have a case.

    Cisco’s lawsuit implies that they were investigating down in Australia looking into a company that they seem to think is an Apple front. And Apple has probably looked into the facts of the Cisco use–or lack of use–of the iPhone trademark. It’s doubtful that Apple would have used it if Cisco had a slam-dunk case.


  2. IMO if you do not like others using your Trademarks why in the first place use theirs as well.


  3. On Netflix: If HD continues to grow at the current rate, Netflix is here to stay.

    Increases in network speed won’t keep up with the increases in file size represented by HD. It takes a long time to download a movie now — and it will get even longer with HD.

    Sometimes “sneakernet” really is the best option. In this case it’s the post office’s sneakers.

    (Hi, Dave!)


  4. Closing loop from yesterday:

    Via Slashdot, the iPhone appears to be a closed box, see:

    As I said before, if there’s no outliner I can sync with my Mac, I’m unlikely to buy.


  5. Posted by Robert Hooker on January 12, 2007 at 1:37 am

    Has any technology from Apple worked as well as it should first time out? Do IPods work yet?

    Still the iPhone’s look great, but will they take people off blackberry?

    I’ll get one but I always buy such things when they come out.


  6. Just by designing an attractive piece does not mean that it will get tremendous market response. There might be such new features in the iPhone that will determine its popularity. Even if you and me don’t buy them there are millions of others who are eager to buy those from the moment they saw them.


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