Scripting News for 1/18/2007

Better Bad News on Dreaming in Code, and Justin Timberlake on stage at CES with Bill Gates? 

Happy 42nd birthday to Robert Scoble! 🙂 

I had a very nice dim sum lunch today with Paul Boutin in SF. What did we talk about? Lots of things. Including this commercial and its slogan: “Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon!” 

Brier Dudley on the new pricing for Skype out-calling.  

According to Michael Gartenberg it’ll cost $1.99 to turn on 802.11n support in already-purchased Macs that can do it. Weird. I don’t get understand why, but who cares. A leprechaun latte at Starbucks costs more.  

4 responses to this post.

  1. The Justin Timberlake fiasco was actually at last years CES.

    One of the things the MSFT did right this year is not put a celeb on stage with gates. Too often at events they toss in celebrity guest stars who look like a deer caught in the headlights trying to banter with Gates. Gates doesn’t banter. Most fun moment I recall? Gates on stage with Queen Latifah who clearly had no clue why on earth she was at the event (i think it was MCE 2004 launch)


  2. Posted by tayker on January 19, 2007 at 9:43 am

    Charging people for the capability that a system already has makes as much sense as pulling a pin off of a Pentium to justify a price cut (I didn’t like that either). Why does Apple make anything if people are willing to just throw money at them?


  3. Wait, Microsoft has Justin Timberlake, and Apple has John Mayer? I always thought Apple was the one trying to appeal to teenage girls…


  4. Yanksing looks great, especially those pea shoot dumplings.

    One of the underreported challenges facing Seattle’s tech industry is the critical shortage of places to schmooze over really good dumplings.

    I wonder if dim sum has anything to do with Vancouver spawning Flickr.


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