Scripting News for 1/29/2007

Kampala Monitor: “Ugandan bloggers choose funky, strange names for their blogs.” 

Paul Boutin: “Good stories don’t have to be true.” 

Scott Rosenberg wrote a lengthy profile of Charles Simonyi in this month’s issue of Technology Review, a magazine edited by Jason Pontin. Pontin has a piece in today’s NY Times that is eerily similar to the Rosenberg piece.  

ZDNet: Microsoft copies BlueJ, admits it, then patents it

According to CNET, Microsoft is withdrawing the patent. 

Morning coffee notes 

I thought I would get more pushback on the piece I wrote about Carter and American Jews. However, I did get an email from my father, and in the ensuing exchange I found that he had been updating his blog. I was subscribed to it, so it was a puzzle — why had I not been getting the updates?

Probably has something to do with the feed being managed by Google, and they’re pushing the envelope, changing syndication formats, and my aggregator isn’t being maintained to keep in synch. So it seems to me that possibly Google has come between us. If so, bad Google.

So I’ll let my father, Leon Winer, speak for himself on the Palestinians and Jews, Carter and Israel; without comment.

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  1. So, how did that Technology Review article come to be published?

    Someone got an idea for a story on Simonyi. The idea could have originated with Rosenburg, it could have originated with Pontin, or someone else at TR. It might have been seeded by a PR machine.

    Either way, before the article was written, there must have been some discussion between editor and writer about what the rough outline might be. The exchange probably continued as the story was being researched and written, and then edited into final form for publication.

    It would seem to me natural that both writer and editor would converge on a similar understanding and point of view of the subject. It would probably be more interesting if they didn’t.

    So where is the story here? Rosenberg no doubt did much of the heavy lifting on the story. He was presumably paid for that, and receives credit as full author. His story also gets credit as source material in the Pontin piece, with two links in the much shorter NYT piece.

    Is the story that the NYT piece that a contributor is promoting a piece he edited for another publication? (Something that journalists who are also bloggers often seem to do).


  2. The Lead Project Manager for MS-Visual Studio announces the withdrawal of the patent and apologizes to the BlueJ team.

    In related news, Satan seen shopping for ski parkas.


  3. I just don’t get why Palestinians, Arabs, and Jews can’t live in a free and democratic society within Israel plus the surrounding land known as the Palestinian Territory.

    It’s funny though, as soon as the Palestinians voted democratically for a new government, and that was Hamas…it quickly became a terrorist state, etc, etc…Its like, yeah, the west and Israel says you have to be a democracy, but once you obey, they then try to smash your state again.

    What many Israelis and Jews in America fail to recognize, it that they are treating the Palestinians like the Nazis treated them, minus the death camps…but it’s much the same. Put them in Ghettos, control them economically, force them to submit through humiliation, build a wall in-between them and you to ensure they can’t mix.

    I think this is the saddest thing; its like jews carry the legacy of brutality thrust upon them; and instead of over-coming, submit, and become a part of the problem rather than being the solution.

    Maybe this is the difference between Christians and Jews. One main philosphy of Jesus was to “turn the other cheek.” Yet, I know of no Christian who follows his philosophy either. I’m making a point rather than trying to insult b/c out of all the religions; to me it seems Buddhism follows this line of thinking the best.

    As for calling the Palestinian leadership terrorist, that is nothing but choosing a word to justify your political view. Let me take you home, put you in a refugee camp, and give you nothing but poverty and despair…would you fight?

    I find it funny people can not often see the view point from the other side. We call people who fight against us in Iraq, insurgents; yet, if it was us, we’d cal them freedom fighters. Think of it this way, if China invaded the United States, who would not fight?

    All I see in he middle east, is an Eye for an Eye mentality. All this hatred we have, involving race, politics, religion, etc…is all based on greed. Keeping down the other guy so you can have more. It’s wrong.


  4. > Probably has something to do with the feed being managed by Google,
    > and they’re pushing the envelope, changing syndication formats, and my
    > aggregator isn’t being maintained to keep in synch.

    I’m guessing you’re talking about blogger moving to Atom 1.0? If your reader doesn’t support it, why not just subscribe to the RSS 2.0 feed? Which wouldn’t appear extraordinarily “funky.”


  5. BTW, have you noticed your wordpress blog is infected with the “snap” virus currently sweeping the tech blogosphere?


  6. Ben I didn’t know they also had a RSS 2.0 feed, I subscribed and it worked. Thanks!

    And yes, arrrgh, has the feature, as far as I know there’s no way to turn it off. Matt Mullenweg posted a comment here a couple of days ago saying the thought non-geeks appreciate the feature. I don’t know if he’s right or wrong, but I don’t appreciate it.


  7. Posted by Jeremy on January 29, 2007 at 4:29 pm

    I don’t have a blog, so I can’t verify if this works, but I recall reading these instructions for turning off the Snap previews a couple weeks ago.


  8. Posted by Anton2000 on January 30, 2007 at 2:15 am

    …programmers are drowning in ignorance, complexity and error…

    Yeah, how right 🙂


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