Scripting News for 2/4/2007

1995: “SuperBowl beer commercials are aimed at people who are drunk.” 

Cuban: Upload porn to YouTube 

Mark Cuban says Google is lying when they say they can’t prevent copyrighted content from appearing on YouTube and Google Video.

His proof is that you can’t find porn on those sites, he assumes people are uploading it, but Google is keeping it off, somehow. Presumably if they can do that, they can keep people from uploading full-length movies.

To help prove his point he asks people to upload their personal porn collections, and see if they get through.

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  1. Posted by hexatron on February 4, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    Porn looks like porn. Any idiot can do it. In fact, being an idiot probably helps.

    Copyrighted doesn’t look like anything–checking each copyright would require research, and many evaluations would be inconclusive.

    Mr Cuban’s comparison is nonsense.


  2. cuban is right; the reason no one sues gootube is b/c they’ll fight back.


  3. Posted by Nick on February 4, 2007 at 5:48 pm

    speaking of copyrighted content. When will RSS have encryption or something to protect content that is sent using it?


  4. Cuban is indeed oversimplifying things, IMO. In addition to the fact that “porn looks like porn”, I expect that Youtube’s first line of defense involves the “Flag as inappropriate” link on every page. I think a lot more people flag porn, a lot more quickly, than they do episodes of “24”. Reviewing 60K videos a day is hard…watching the flagged as inappropriate queue and doing a quick “yep, that’s porn” pass seems a lot easier

    An equally interesting test of the system would be to go through as a group and systematically flag known copyrighted material as inappropriate (pick some show that YouTube doesn’t already have distribution rights for, or something). Don’t forget to upload your porn, too, though! I’m sure the admins save some of the really good ones! *grin*


  5. It can’t be just me. In Firefox, ScriptingNews is officially in the toilet.

    This is not a one time thing.

    This has been going on for quite awhile.

    I guess it’s one thing to demand standards from others, and to enforce it amongst your own slaves.


  6. To be more specific, The body of the initial blog shows up, but then, most of the rest sort of ends up at the end of the page. Worse, sometimes you don’t even get the end.

    So you get Dave’s usual happy retorts, but, then, the full digest is gone.

    Seriously, I’ve been reading Dave for like, umm, ten years? And I’ve never experienced this.

    If he has found some fancy CSS guru, all I can say is can his/her ass.


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