Scripting News for 2/13/2007

James Hong on what it takes to motivate a successful entrepreneur.  

Chris Carfi on putting the public into public radio. 

Appian Way: “When Mac is broken, we are faced with a small number of bad options, all of which will cost us a lot more time and brain damage than calling Dell.” 

Boston next week 

I’m planning my trip to Boston, next week. Wed through Fri is the Public Media conference. I’m speaking on Thursday, in the slot that Dave Sifry was originally going to speak in (he couldn’t make it).

Then I think I’ll head up to New Hampshire over the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, with my digital camera and laptop, to see if I can catch by some of the Presidential candidates, returning to California on Monday.

People wonder how you do it. The events often aren’t scheduled until the last minute. In 2003 there was an RSS feed put up by, that listed the events as they became known. I’m hoping there’s something like that for this year. I’ll probably just get a room in Manchester, that’s usually where the campaign HQs are, and ask questions.

People often think you need some kind of ticket or reservation, but politics is open to all in NH early in the campaign, and you usually just have to show up. Weekends are the best time to look for events, that’s when the schedules are packed. And this early in the season with so many candidates, it seems it would be hard not to run into some kind of campaign event.

One response to this post.

  1. Hey Dave,

    I’d like to take you out to a cheap dinner while you are in NH. Drop me a line if you need me to look for a specific area for a hotel or any other particulars. I am 10 minutes from the Bridge street address in Merrimack.


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