Scripting News for 2/17/2007

Podcast: What I hope to talk about at the Public Media conference next week in Boston. 

Essential On the Media segment on NY Times coverage on the Iran connection. Pay close attention to the interview with NY Times reporter Michael Gordon, who sounds sincere, but has no sense of how his stories are read. Interviewer Gladstone holds back nothing. This is the kind of courageous challenge that the Times needs, they seem to have learned nothing from the run up to the war in Iraq.  

NY Times: “Seth Godin published a book under a Creative Commons license that allows anyone to republish and sell it. But he was a little surprised when someone actually did.” The No-Asshole Rule.  

Public Radio Manifesto, part 1 

When Judith Miller went to jail, I was against her getting a special deal because she’s a journalist. I want all of us to have equal protection, everyone is a journalist now, or no one is.

The case of Josh Wolf re-opens these issues. The prosecutor said Wolf is a journalist only in his imagination, and I agree, and that’s the point. What other ratification should it require to be a journalist. In the country as the founding fathers imagined it, we would all be so involved in the governing, and in the evaluation of government, that there would seem nothing unusual in one self-proclaiming as a journalist. It’s a sign of how far we’ve wandered from the ideal that the prosecutor seems to be ridiculing Wolf instead of celebrating his pride of citizenship.

Progress on ‘codecasting’ 

In the wee hours of the morning I got code working that reads the code-feed, importing objects that are new or updated since the last time we looked. It was a very straightforward continuation of the project I discussed yesterday, and will easily fit into the OPML Editor (and Frontier as well if the developers there want to adopt this method).

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  1. A reporter for NY Times named Scott Shane did a pretty good job reporting on Iran’s Quds forces today…less biased and more nuanced than usual for them.


  2. I know it is the weekend, and you were coding into the the wee hours, but …
    on the oft chance you may not know, the OPML Ed server,, is not serving.

    Codecasting sounds uber-licious!

    Best Wishes.


  3. Posted by Nick on February 17, 2007 at 1:39 pm

    Am I missing why codecasting is useful?


  4. Hi Dave,

    Good idea to make the update process static, makes perfect sense. Looking forward, will the RSS feed always have to be cumulative all the way to the beginning of the updates? If it didn’t, someone who downloaded an non-updated copy of OPML wouldn’t be able to get the earliest updates. Unless you’ve already thought of that and found a workaround.

    Thinking of the simplest thing that could possibly work, how about a directory full of fat page files with sequential filenames? 00000001.html, 00000002.html, etc? Then the client just needs to remember the URL of the directory containing the files, and which update # was installed last. Seems like an easy solution too and avoids having to download old updates over and over again, and avoids needing an ever-growing RSS feed.



  5. funny about create license…we stole their format, then re-furbished it, so when people publish on our p2p network, they retain royalty rights; we’re also implementing a feature where publishers can change the rights for future licensors….creative commons is kinda like “stupid” if you actually wana make money from your work.

    as for the War intelligence…well, its made up. Look at the dates on the shells gathered by the military. Their in American format. I know most of you haven’t lived outside the US. But most of the world formats their dates differently than we do…kinda like metric versus pound.
    but the only people who’ve complained are the Iranians…funny huh.

    the thing is. We’ve lost. and they’ve won. After we pull out, after our surge, they return and since shites are the majority; and allied with Iran, they take all. All they’ve done is disperse, and will do noting except wait us out. We’re buring a billion dollars a week.

    Americans need to kill Sadar and wipe out the Madi army; and install a dictator. Probably the Kurdish leader, they’re non-religious.


  6. Dave,

    The Morning Coffe Notes feed needs an update šŸ™‚


  7. Sorry! I meant the Morning Coffee Notes feed of course


  8. Thanks for updating the MCN feed, Dave!


  9. Good to have another MCN, but I wish you had set the samplerates correctly as suggested a few weeks ago.

    You are a chipmunk in every Flash player anyone hears this in – and there are very many of those. (more ppl listen to podcasts on web based players than download them, apparently)


  10. Jim, right now the feed does have all the updates going back to the beginning. The RSS feed isn’t really that big, it’s only 23K, and I think it could get smaller (no need to mention one part more than once, the later update is going to overwrite the earlier ones). Also, I periodically refresh the download version, by installing all the updates and then re-virginizing the root, and zipping it up.

    If the size of the RSS file becomes a concern, it should be easy to come up with an expansion policy, either a custom namespace that links back to previous feeds or subscribing to an OPML file that lists all the feeds.


  11. My thoughts on ‘Codecasting’ and surrounding ideas :

    it’s ‘opml plus rss to the power of users, baby’!


  12. @Nick : In this world of fast software iteration, extreme and agile programming, then codecasting could lend itself to fast and easy updates of shipped software – rather like Software updates on Windows and Mac.

    Also, the very nature of RSS subscription – polling an xml file for a new item/entry and an enclosure url is perfect for this.

    I go on to discuss the power of OPML to organise this and help document the applications themselves over on my blog.


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