Scripting News for 2/22/2007

Podcast of today’s talk at the Public Media conf. 

You can help me save a few bucks by downloading the podcast with a BitTorrent client. 

Lisa Williams live-blogged the session in OPML. 

They did a live audio and video stream of our session; it starts at 4PM. An MP3 will be available, they say, at the end of the day. 

I’ve heard that if you play one of my podcasts in a Flash-based player, I end up sounding like a chipmunk. Sounds like fun, but I’d rather sound like myself. So I recorded this test file at 64K bps to see if it cures the problem. Does it? 

Flying Meat Software. What else is there to say? 

Kevin Tofel: “Why would I want different reader apps for different publications?” 

At Public Media with Doc 

Sitting next to Doc at the Public Media conference, just listened to a keynote, lots of doom and gloom, but we agree it’s not that dire. NPR just has to embrace the new media. isn’t that important. Upload segments of each show to YouTube. Give advance copies of big shows like Frontline to the bloggers that review the shows.

And Doc had the best idea of all, provide the “Alpha Torrent Seed” for all PBS shows. It should always be possible to download their shows immediately. Why not, they’re non-commercial. Brilliant.

The secret isn’t that hard to figure out, they did it with podcasting, just apply the same formula.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Dave: thrown that mp3 in an enclosure on morningcoffeenotes and i’ll let you know.

    Chip ‘n’ Dave? 🙂


  2. Also, the live video feed worked perfectly here in London


  3. Kosso, as I suspected (and posted a while back here… not sure if Dave saw it when he was busy learning about S3), all you need to do is append ?torrent to the file.

    Torrent link



  4. woah, torrents are that simple.


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