Scripting News for 5/20/2007

Police intimidation of free speech in NJ? 

On the plane today, one the of the flight attendants told me about a scandal rocking New Jersey, where the state troopers union, unhappy with questions raised about its practices by a radio talk show host, publicized his home address and phone number, and tried to intimidate the show’s sponsors and the radio station’s executives.

I said I’d ask about it on my blog, and I am hereby doing so.

Here’s a Goggle News search query that returns lots of relevant hits.

Is this for real? Is this the United States of Fascism now? Are we allowed to ask questions about civil servants, without fear of reprisal?

Ebb & Flow 

SF Chron: Chronicle to cut 25% of jobs in newsroom.

3/24/07: “Embrace the best bloggers.”

Back in Beserkeley 

See you at the Cybersalon tonight.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Interesting and sad news for the SF Chron. Ironically, we syndicate some of our blog content through BlogBurst. Guess who’s among the top pubs that run our content via BlogBurst…the SF Chron.


  2. Posted by Doug on May 20, 2007 at 7:48 pm

    Seems like there are lots of items in the news these days about the police abusing their authority. Here is another one that sounds awful where the police arrested a journalist that filmed them assaulting a citizen:


  3. That’s really ridiculous about the poor radio show host. It really does seem fascist. Free speech?


  4. Posted by Rob Usdin on May 21, 2007 at 11:06 am

    Daniel –

    Those “poor” radio show hosts aren’t exactly saints.

    They have a history of intimidation and of hateful, bigoted speech, which they often incite people to action against other stereotyped groups. See the history here:

    Moreover – even the Repubs are distancing themselves from them:

    While it was wrong of that specific NJ state trooper to release Carton’s home address as a form of intimidation – that information was freely available to anyone with a quarter of a brain to get on the internet. He was in no real danger, and they used the incident to drum up additional publicity for their show, which they have a reputation for doing.

    This was far from an incident of fascism against an innocent radio host – it was a simple idiotic tantrum by a misguided Nj state trooper who had heard enough of the bullying, hateful Jersey Guys.

    Believe me – the Jersey Guys are not hurting one but, and neither are their advertisers.



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