Scripting News for 5/30/2007

Jet Lag News 

Hey that would be a good name for a blog!

Anyway, here’s what’s new in the world of Jet Lag.

Couldn’t get to sleep until 1AM (maybe even a bit later).

Sun was up by 4AM (maybe earlier).

Only three hours sleep last night.

Exclusive: That’s not enough sleep for Comrade Davey!

Google Gears 

I read that Google is going to announce a toolkit today that lets you run web apps on a disconnected machine. Something we had working in Radio in 2001. The key is something called a desktop web server. Nothing revolutionary about it. A database and CMS that runs on the local machine. I suspect that their approach will be heavier on the database and lighter on the CMS, since they like Ajax apps (as do many others, of course), where the content rendering happens in the browser, in Javascript.

Reboot 2007 

Pics from the opening party at Reboot 2007.

Congrats to Jason? 

Wired has a scoop on Jason Calacanis’s new service, a “people-powered search engine” named Mahalo, which they say is launching this week at an insider’s conference.

Glad to hear someone is innovating in search. I bet it’s cool.

Not sure I like that the insiders will see it before I will. šŸ˜¦

PS: The site is live now. I signed up, logged in and started looking around. There’s a page on me (of course that’s the first thing I looked for), and what little it contains is accurate. I like that they identify the person who edited the page (someone named ck).

PPS: Looks like Yahoo?

From Rex Hammock, on vacation with family 

“I’m vacationing and am offline but had to share the following snippet of a converation I just had with my son, the high school sophomore.

“‘I’ve got a friend you should meet — He speaks your language,’ he said.

“‘What do you mean, he speaks my language?’ I responded.

“There was a pause and then he said, ‘You know — he’s the kind of guy who knows who Dave Winer is.’

“That was high praise from the 16 year old.”

Here’s one for Naked Jen 

A billboard in a Swedish ferry terminal in Halsingbord.

Here's one for Naked Jen!

Still the best picture I’ve taken 

Proof that every picture tells a story.

6 responses to this post.

  1. RSS Haiku du jour:

    Stop it RSS!
    Simple yes, but a thousand
    Feeds give me nosebleeds


  2. My own RSS Haiku.

    I love RSS.

    I love Grand Canyon.

    I love Grandma Moses.

    She love Grandpa Moses.


  3. re: Mahalo – Maurice Saatchi had a relevant article in today’s Financial Times at – Google data versus human nature. Not sure that Mahalo lives up to the need.


  4. Hmm, innovation? Looks like Yahoo directory to me, circa 1995. What is new, this time around?


  5. Mahalo looks a lot like Seth Godin’s “Squidoo” too, doesn’t it?


  6. Posted by Anton2000 on May 30, 2007 at 11:04 pm

    Hello Dave,

    After day three it will be better šŸ™‚

    Get some mineral water in the supermarket and enjoy good food šŸ™‚


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