Scripting News for 5/31/2007

Weak wifi 

Sorry for the lack of posts, the wifi here is pretty weak, I get a connection then lose it.

Good morning! 

Arrived at the Reboot venue.

Movie of empty auditorium at start of day.

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  1. minor bug report: ‘comment on today’s scripting news’ link on RHS always points to most recent comments page, not comments for that particular day’s Scripting News. And once here, it’s nontrivial to navigate to the right page.


  2. I don’t think that’s correct Raines. Can you give me an example of an archive page that points to the wrong (in your opinion) place.


  3. Re: Jetlag — It becomes more annoying as we get older. I know.

    I can’t sleep on planes, so I avoid overnight flights to Europe as often as possible. I try to get a morning flight from the East Coast. After arrival, I get to the hotel, check in, go out, eat something, go walkabout, come back and then go to sleep at what is more or less my normal time, i.e., pretty late by local standards.

    Then, and this is essential, I’ve scheduled nothing important the following day. I set a call or alarm to wake around 8 a.m. local, and then go about my business. That night, sleep comes at a normal local hour.

    This requires padding your trip with an extra day at the beginning, but it works well for me.


  4. Posted by Jeremy on May 31, 2007 at 8:18 am

    e.g., May 29th links to today’s (May 31) comments. Raines thinks it should link to comments for the 29th.


  5. I don’t know if linking to the appropriate day’s comments is the solution, but I have noticed that the setup does tend to stop a conversation when the day is done. I look in on comments here quite often, but rarely take the trouble to go back to past day’s comments.


  6. Posted by vanni on May 31, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    for the past ten years i have been going to europe twice a year. during that time i have never had trouble with jet-lag. i am lucky that i can sleep anywhere… so its easy to catch 4 hrs sleep on may way over the pond. my secret is to catch a late afternoon flight, have a couple of bottles of wine with a very light dinner, have a brandy. fall asleep before midnight my time…. so that when i arrive at 7am amsterdam time i have 4hrs of sleep under my belt and i can easily go till 8pm before i crash for ten hours, after that i am in fine fiddle. i can eat and drink with the best of them. but i do have to keep moving for the first few days or doing lots of computer work. PS billg… i have gotten better with jet lag as i get older. when i was in my forties it was a struggle…in my late fifties it’s a breeze. cheers you all


  7. Amyloo, this is true. However, it also means that comments on a given day’s Scripting News are not readily accessible.

    It looks like Dave changed it to remove the link on previous days’ pages, which preserves this (IMHO) nonoptimal behavior, lack of easy access without navigating from inside the WordPress archives.



  8. Raines, to think that I did anything willful here would be a mistake.

    I think perhaps a bug was introduced when I added code that rebuilds previous days, to keep the next/prev links working and to make the calendar correct on each day’s archive page as the month progresses.

    It’s a bug. Now, when will I be able to fix it — not sure about that, but I’m far away from home now, and it’s raining cats and dogs outside and I’ve got a nasty cold, so I’m not feeling like SuperProgrammer or whatever. 😦


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