Scripting News for 6/1/2007

Tracking net perf at hotels 

Jeff Jarvis suggests we gather a database of the hotels with the best Internet access.

Hotel First, Copenhagen, DK.

Reboot highlights 

One of the highlights of Reboot has been getting to know Euan Semple. We have a lot of friends in common, so it’s not a surprise that we enjoyed each others’ company and sense of humor. 🙂

Also found Ted Rheingold and I have a lot in common. He lives in San Francisco and I live in Berkeley. We had this conversation in Copenhagen, and agreed it made total sense.

Susan Goodwin, executive producer of NPR’s Talk of the Nation joined us in an excited conversation about the future of public media. When she discovered I had played a big role in getting RSS going, she blurted out “I love you.” I was really flattered, the approval junkie that I am. I said “I love you too.” This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Instead of sending roses, I sent a link to a podcast I did about integrating public radio with what we do.

Europe trip phase 2 

I did an interview with Thomas, the leader of Reboot on stage this afternoon, pumped up on coffee and the great vibes of the people at the conference. This is a very different kind of group, no one is too famous or pushy, and as the conference progressed people got looser and more friendly.

Did anyone record the interview? I’d like to upload an MP3. If so please email me, or post a comment.

Now my Europe trip enters phase 2. I haven’t really slept since the first day I got here, two nights with 3 hours sleep has left me pretty wasted. Finally I switched to a very comfortable room with a real bed. I will sleep well tonight, then it’s on to Rome, then a mini-tour of Mediterranean Italy, then home on Thursday via Milan and Amsterdam.

I like Jason, a lot 

Jason Calacanis is a good man.

He’s been berry berry good to me.

Always a kind word. NYer. Doesn’t mind direct advice.

With that in mind, he needs to get a corporate RSS feed for Mahalo.

That he didn’t have one on opening day was a huge mistake.

Even if the feed was empty, a placeholder, they should have had something bloggers could subscribe to. That way, when they have some news, even if Bill and Steve are doing another public trip down memory lane, every little bit of Mahalo news would have a chance to climb the ladder on Techmeme.

I made the suggestion privately, he seemed to think I meant that each page should have an RSS feed (which of course it should, a la Top Ten Sources). But I was asking for something simpler and less ambitious.

I want a feed from his company that my aggregator can check every hour.

Nuf said.

Good morning everybody! 

We took the subway to the concert today.

Stowe Boyd is on stage now talking about flow.

Coolest idea so far: IM Barbie.

Barbie with a cell phone!

Scott Rosenberg reports from D.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anton2000 on June 1, 2007 at 3:05 pm

    Hello Dave,

    Hey its not the economy, its Street Cred.


  2. I’ll be posting videos from Reboot at my site today, but for now just Stowe Boyd’s and Hakon Wie Liu’s with the OLPC and lots of interviews I did. If my digitalisation is usefull to they might provide me with other of the tapes to put them online, so if they do, I’ll ask to digitize the tape of your conversation and put it up entirely on Google Video, cause it was filmed.


  3. I really do appreciate that we got to get away from the echo chamber and just get to talk. I look forward to me.

    But our ensuing conversation with Susan was the highlight of the conference for me. She truly did say “I love RSS” with no idea that you were on of it strongest progenitors. If I had the momenbt on video I suspect it would already have circled the geek-journalist globe. In a way it felt like MSM getting to meet the destiny that was made for them a decade ago.

    I took a couple pixs:
    MSM meets RSS


  4. Errata:

    My second sentence should end, “I look forward to /more/”

    My fourth sentence should read “you were /one/ of /it’s/ strongest”

    I think the meaning of the other typos do not need clarification ;>


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