Scripting News for 6/21/2007

Dell Hell 

I was thinking of getting an inexpensive Dell desktop for a home server, but after reading this review of their customer service, I was reminded why sticking with Apple is probably the best bet.

Today’s links 

Todd Cochrane: AT&T’s Secret $10 DSL.

Get my most recent trivia on Twitter.

Gets to the point 

An idea for a conference session…

A-list blogger sits at table in front of room.

Participants line up. Each, in turn, dictates a 140-character blog post, which the blogger dutifully enters, verbatim. Two or three links. Next.

Sort of an open blog.

Only works for bloggers with a certain amount of flow, or A-list goodness to bestow.


Happiness is a doctor’s office with open wifi.

More happiness 

Happiness is your blog moving from rank 260-something to 140-something on Technorati for no apparent reason.

It would be wonderful to break into the top 100 again. At the beginning, this blog was #1 on Technorati.

2 responses to this post.

  1. You’ll always be #1 with me, Dave. 😉


  2. Hi Dave,

    I don’t get where you’re going with your A-list blogger idea… i wrote up some thoughts on it:

    Maybe *I* missed the point?


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