Scripting News for 6/28/2007

Today’s stuffff is updating again. Anything you can do to help build word of mouth would be much appreciated! 🙂

A Morning Coffee Notes podcast where I discuss where is at.

Scoble & Son are first in line at the Apple store in Palo Alto. Oh the humanity.

Scoble: “Drop by and make fun of me.”

Nik Cubrilovic on iPhone as a platform.

My profile page on Pownce.

Wait in line without waiting in line 

Join Thomas Hawk and the Scobles as they wait in line outside the Apple store in Palo Alto.

As I explain in today’s podcast… 

Two features I want to add to, asap.

1. A telephone interface. Remember the use-case with a driver in a car, wanting to send a brief message of love to his or her pal, alone at home? Odeo, the company that Twitter grew out of, has this software. BlogTalkRadio, Jott, and others, have it too. A simple feature that allows such a service to send an XML-RPC message to the TwitterGram web service is all that’s required to make the connection.

2. A Flash module that records an MP3, as a standalone app, or to be embedded in the twittergram home page. This removes a step in the “authoring” process, having to find and launch an MP3 recording app, and then save the result to disk, then find that file in the web page. All that can be reduced to a single step with a Flash module.

I have several other items on my to-do list, that I won’t need help to accomplish, but these two sub-projects are outside my reach. can now handle wav files 

As an experiment, I uploaded a mini-podcast I did with my parents in 2004. It’s a wav file.

There is a new optional parameter on the web service. Scroll down to the section in red to see the change (eventually the color will be removed).

The web interface has also been changed to support wavs. You don’t need to know anything other than you can choose a wav from the file dialog and if it meets the size criteria, it should work.

This feature was added to help it work with another service that can only generate wav files. In other words, it’s a market-driven feature. 🙂

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  1. Posted by Peggy on June 28, 2007 at 7:48 am

    – Oh no, something else you are involved in.
    – Need to pounce on pownce ?
    – Nice POC for your TG idea.
    – Keep stirring the pot and/or keep trying to steer the pot.
    – Keep throwing the pasta against the wall.
    – What does not stick makes for some interesting hors d’oeuvres.

    Best Wishes!

    PS: The MCN podcast volume is just a tad low.


  2. Listening to Coffee Notes and thought you might take a look at as a way of integrating TwitterGrams with cellphone. Jott lets you send short messages from your cellphone to an email addy. Here’s the kicker; the message itself has a link to a recording of the message from your cellphone. Cheers.


  3. Dave,

    Here is a video of my partner talking about PodGlo:

    I will set up a demonstration for you so that you can see PodGlo in action. I think it is just what you are looking for from a flash and the phone side of things. We are close to a beta release and have even planned integrating with twitter. We have completely bought into this idea of short and to the point ‘TwitterGrams’. We have been calling them audio comments (not very original but people understand when we say audio comments) and have referred to the as mini-podcasts when talking about them too. We have built an entire infrastructure to store, tag, describe and retrieve short, to-the-point audio comments (which, when added to twitter become ‘TwitterGrams’!)

    I actually saw you speak at Cooper Union when you came to NY City and had the Lasagna dinner but you seemed to have a negative impression regarding comments so I put off my plans to speak with you about PodGlo. It seems like that may have been a mistake on my part. I saw your post today and IM’ed my partner to say, ‘Someone is closing in.’ Then I listened to your podcast and realized that you were right on track with us and it would be great for us to talk.

    Please send me your email address when you get a chance and I will forward my phone number to you so that we may speak.

    Doug K.


  4. @davewiner Thanks, Dave, for wav format for twittergrams!

    On my wish list — mp4 so I wouldn’t have to take twittergrams from GarageBand to iTunes to convert to mp3. GarageBand used to suck for speech but now it has “podcast” features and works well … except for the mp4/no mp3 thing


  5. Dave,


    We love the twittergram idea and would love to collaborate with you in bringing a voice application to the twitter app. We can accommodate the telephony aspects as well as caller ID. We can use our proprietary VOIP network to support twittergrams which originate around the world. We can also take care of the flash player requirements.


    Alan Levy
    CEO Blogtalkradio


  6. Dave:

    Do you want to control the gear for the phone to TG conversion or do you want it hired out?



  7. Alan, that would be great. Let me know how I can help.


  8. Dave – I added the NY Times River to the list of mobile apps I keep as a directory suitable for bookmarking.


    ideally from your mobile phone. There is a slight Ann Arbor bias, but whatever.

    I need a better domain, one without a tilde which is a pain to type, though once you add it to your Blackberry bookmarks it’s just a click.


  9. Suggestion for TwitterGram: when post goes to the twitogram account, people are expecting the tinyurl link to be an audio file, but when it posts to your own Twitter account it might be nice to do something to alert people that the link doesn’t go to a web page. Like, have the post say [title] audio: [link] or [title] [link] (audio)

    I always do that with on any web page whenever the link is a pdf, media, email — anything other than another page because it annoys me just a smidge as a user when I’m not warned.


  10. An easy way to create MP3 files:

    Use Google Talk to send voicemail to yourself;

    It emails the mp3 to you, and you can do whatever you want with it. I find that it can record about a minute/200K.


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