Scripting News for 7/8/2007

Fear is frozen fun 

Steve Gillmor: “The joy of collaborating with a robot to produce fine comedy is exhilarating.”

Boeing 787 

CNET’s Daniel Terdiman is covering the launch of Boeing’s new jumbo jet in Seattle today.

Hope he gets some pics of the interior.

Gnomdex ho! 

Just bought my tickets for Gnomedex, August 9-11 in Seattle.

A necessary step 

The NY Times calls for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.

There’s nothing amazing about this piece, except it’s on the road to getting out of the mess in Iraq.

It won’t change anything with the President, but it will change the discussion to how we implement this plan, even if the President won’t.

On Friday I said that impeachment must become an option. More than that, it must become a fixture of American politics. We’ve now suffered through two two-term Presidents who had very little regard for our opinion of them. We need to get their attention, and the best tool at our disposal is to remove them from office when they break the law. It’s our fault this is happening because we refuse to use our power.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jake on July 8, 2007 at 7:36 am

    Of course we put that power into the hands of other politicians. It is up to them to listen to us, follow through, and use that power.

    It seems that our “two party” highly compromised political system is unlikely to drastically change the operating status quo.


  2. I’m curious – which 2 term presidents are you talking about; the last 2, or the last 2 *Republican* ones? Seems to me those descriptions could be applied to all three.


  3. “Hope he gets some pics of the interior [of the 787]”

    There’s some official pictures of the interior here:


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  5. So, you’re saying you’re a “Gnomedex Ho?!” 😉


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