Scripting News for 7/10/2007

Coffee on mcbook keybord 

not trying to be cute but i got coffee on my keybord, now lot o key don’t work. ouch.

trying to fix it probly don’t work too well.

Later… Okay the MacBook Pro has to go in to have its keyboard replaced. Even though I bought AppleCare coverage for the computer, I’ll have to pay for the repair, because I caused the problem. It’ll take between 5 and 10 days and cost between $300 and $600. In the meantime, my iPhone is configured to sync with the computer that’s got the broken keyboard. Does that mean I won’t be able to put any podcasts on the iPhone? How about backing up the data I enter into the phone? Or will it all be wiped out when I connect it to another computer?

Today’s links 

Rex Hammock on serious applications of TwitterGrams.

Doc Searls: “Where are you going to go for live information when a life-threatening wildfire bears down on your town?”

Mobile stories 

Having an iPhone and the modest successes of the Times and BBC rivers has got me thinking about how to make the iPhone a truly great text reader. It’s within grasp I think, and I also think that Scripting News is going to transition to being a mobile entity more than a desktop or laptop one. Both from the writing and the reading side. All the more reason why I need the OPML Editor (an instance of the Frontier scripting environment) running in mobile form. I may end up buying an ultralite Windows notebook to sub for the machine I really want (an iPhone with the OPML Editor running on it) to carry with me. Nah probably not. Arrgh. I wish I could put Mac software on this thing. You know that would put Windows to rest for some people, permanently. That Apple thinks Safari is the dev platform for anyone shows a bit of Don Quixote still lives in the heart of Uncle Steve. Why not go the easy way?

The focus now is the story. I know how to do the index page, it’s a river. But what about the things the index page links to? What should they look like? That’s what I’m playing with right now.

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  1. Posted by Stephen Bove on July 10, 2007 at 10:13 am

    iPhone comments: 1) compared to my blackberry, the keyless-keypad is a total BUST…It gave me an instant headache trying to type on it…and I tried for a solid 20 minutes to get my fingers to center on the keys…no amount of error correction can fix the dismal performance of the iPhone keyboard…it is simply NOT business ready (I can type a solid 40 wpm on my berry). 2) touch and drag screen: brilliant. 3) screen size and resolution: fantastic. 4) streaming video from uTube: quite amazing (in an apple store where wifi was transport). 5) overall reaction: the designers at apple are on a roll and doing beautiful stuff, too bad about that keyboard…I stick with my berry (sales of 9M+ to date against iPhones 750k in 1 week and counting) until probably the 3rd rev (as with most apple products)…


  2. There is some weird behavior going on with the TG RSS feed with enclosures.

    The behavior is not very consistent either. Seems there are times when the TG RSS feed leaves out today’s twittergrams and other times when they are included

    This behavior had me scratching my head for a while … first, everything seem and looked ok with the feed. Then … I noticed that none of today’s grams appeared in the feed … and then it seemed with the next gram post they all reappeared again. Shortly later, they were gone again.

    Maybe you are tweaking something that is causing the behavior but I thought I let you know what I was seeing.


  3. Thats an expensive cup of coffee. lol.
    Goodluck with it..

    – Steve


  4. Posted by Jim Armstrong on July 11, 2007 at 5:52 am

    I predicted the the ability of the iPhone to “Wreck A Nice Beach” would be a killer application. With TwitterGrams you have half of the capability of recognizing speech and having it command and control the iPhone and other computers connected to it via voice. XML-RPC for voice if you like.

    Inventory control is one use I thought of for this technology. Point of sale transactions would be another closely related one.


  5. The coffee thing is a big area where ThinkPad notebooks outshine Apple. They have drain holes for liquid spills, and Lenovo sells a warranty that covers both accidents and defects (and incidentally still costs less than AppleCare). Of course with Lenovo you’re dealing with people strictly over the phone and by mail, probably on an interContinental basis.

    You might consider insurance from SafeWare, it covers both accidents and theft (but not government agent incompetence at the airport or “mysterious disappearance” — you have to know it was theft). You can get a quote quickly online, a $2500ish MacBook Pro cost somewhere in the $110-$150 to insure, and I assume that is per year.


  6. I just did the same thing with my old VAIO on Friday. I plugged in a USB keyboard and after fighting Sony’s automated phone system for a few hours was able to order up a new keyboard for $70. I don’t know about the Mac Book but the install’s pretty straitforward. Hell, it’s better than the $250 they wanted plus a few week wait without my lifeline.

    Any update on iPhone synching?


  7. I think you can just sync with another computer till yours is fixed. The um
    bilocal cord doesnt seem quite as obtrusive as with an ipod at first glance


  8. RE notebook warranties: Toshiba and Dell have you-can-drive-over-it-with-your-truck-you-idiot warranties. I recommend those to all my clients. If folks want Apple notebooks, I don’t try to dissuade, but I do mention they’ll just have to pay a bit more for their Apple love.

    [Back in 1989, I had a brief/passing interchange w/ Guy Kawasaki about Apple pricing/customer policies. Gist of his response: do you want a Chevy or a Lexus ? Excellent summary of the situation]

    RE twitter-grams: when someone comes up with a Dave award, the statue’s gotta have wrench/pipe elements. Plumbing new spaces is your essence, Dr.

    — stan
    big Chevy fan


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