Scripting News for 7/12/2007

Bob Stepno on 

Bob Stepno: “The only thing this approach doesn’t do is generate income to pay the salaries of the reporters and editors who actually produce the stories.”

There’s no reason it couldn’t — but I haven’t felt comfortable doing that without a deal with the Times.

People are starting to use the site now that the iPhone has focused us on using mobile devices to read news. The more people do that the more attractive it will be as a business.

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  1. Posted by Ellis Golub on July 12, 2007 at 5:33 pm

    Dave —

    The news rivers flow well on my treo too. There’s much less overhead than reading the regular NYT or BBC sites.

    One improvement I would like to see is a filter or priority scheme which would push some classes of news ahead of the pack. It seems when I check timesriver, I usually have ti scroll down through a bunch of book reviews to get to the news. I love reading book and theater and movies reviews, but I’m more interested in world and national news (especially on the mobile). I can read the other stuff at leisure on a bigger screen.

    Nontheless, I love the service.



  2. Hi Dave,

    I just found this TODO list webapp ….

    The interesting thing about it is that its basically an outliner built in AJAX… and it feels a lot like your OPML editor …

    But that begs the question … would there not be a use for the OPML editor as a single page AJAX app (or has this already been discussed) ? … that could ‘front’ any application

    … kind of “GUI as a service”…. or something ….


  3. I’ve been happy with the river on my Palm TX, too. It comes out just about the width of a good old newspaper column.
    Alas, the Tennessee River I suggested to one of my student/friends is now offline due to a crashed server and his need to do other things to make a living.
    But I’m leaving Tennessee anyway… To a place called the New River Valley… maybe they’ll have a news river too!


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