Scripting News for 7/15/2007

WSJ and the history of blogs 

Duncan Riley starts a thread on the origins of blogging, sparked by a Wall Street Journal piece.

I got involved in the discussion, and along the way dug up an version of, specifically the page for Scripting News.

Scott Rosenberg, who started covering blogs in 1999 in Salon, responds to the WSJ story.

Not sure what to make of this 

Association of Downloadable Media.

One response to this post.

  1. As a history major from too long ago, I’m fascinated by the back and forth over the beginnings of blogging. But I wonder if this somewhat green WSJ reporter could have saved him or herself a lot of trouble if they had been more precise and just said that Barger coined the term, that it’s 10 years since someone coined the term weblog to mean an online diary format etc etc. The whole anniversary thing is an artificial construct anyway, why delve into such a mine field — keep it simple stupid…


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