Scripting News for 7/19/2007

I love this pic 

Scoble is Facebookized 

No doubt it’s a Scoble world.

And he says Facebook is a black hole.

Sucking up all the data from all other apps.

But I wonder.

Could it be that the real revolution is that all the other apps were ready to be ported into any environment? That there already was enough data portability in the broad support for RSS in the base of apps that is enabling it to appear as if Facebook is subsuming everything? Could it be that Facebook is just another way of reading feeds?

I don’t really know because unlike Scoble I haven’t been sucked into Facebook myself. I’m enjoying the summer. I bought a car. Hanging with friends. Flirting with and orbiting around the opposite gender. Feeding coins into parking meters. Thinking about what I can do to help my country. Almost anything but getting obsessed with Facebook.

Could it be that the world is passing me by?

Yes, it could be.

Or it could be that I already have a great feed aggregator and the world is just catching up?

What do you think?

PS: Did you read this in Facebook?

PPS: I’ve had a chance to get to know the Parakey guys, and I can vouch for their idealism. They just joined Facebook. So that bodes well for Facebook de-siloing and really opening up to the rest of the web, in the spirit of sending them away so they can come back.

The *other* real Fake Steve Jobs 

Click on the pic for more detail.

10 responses to this post.

  1. i’m not obsessed with them either; but its all anyone can talk about…i quess.


  2. I recently determined:
    Every time a mainstream blogger talks about how interesting Facebook is, Facebook becomes less interesting.

    Your post on “how much is facebook worth?” got me thinking about the role social networks should play. My social network (i.e. the network of people with whom I associate) was created by me, and I want to control it! It should be tied to me, not someone else’s website. I should be able to use it however I want without anyone’s permission.

    It’d be awesome if there were a really good way to do this with the advantages you described.


  3. Posted by Solo on July 19, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    Meeting girls is way more important than Facebook or Twitter.


  4. i’m totally opposite…i grew up with the internet and mostly want to use it to find new people; that’s why i don’t get face-book cause its only the people you already know; and i’m thinking…i call them when i wanna see them.

    i met a guy recently who is starting a company making facebook apps. he said it was a great way to keep in touch of friends you had in college.

    i find facebook boring; even though myspace is totally pimp’d out and ad-fest central, its alive, while face book seems to be steril; academic.

    i think the pholosphies of both stem from the types of people who created them; harvard vs street.


  5. Posted by ozzmosis on July 20, 2007 at 1:03 am

    Does Facebook provide an RSS feed so I can follow my Facebook News Feed from outside of Facebook? I guess not, and in any case there may be some user authentication problems with doing that. I’d like to be able to keep up with it in Google Reader, otherwise it is a bit of a black hole.

    On the other hand, if the Facebook folks end up putting somthing together to rival Google Reader that runs on top of Facebook, then I might just use that, and never leave Facebook…

    – ozz


  6. Posted by Anton2000 on July 20, 2007 at 4:00 am

    Hello Dave, an idea for the next european visit 🙂

    How to Make Cheap Phone Calls From Abroad


  7. Posted by Karl on July 20, 2007 at 5:22 am

    Dave, why do you think facebook apps are related to rss feeds?


  8. The new draft of the OPML spec says that date-time values must conform to RFC 822, which only permits two-digit years. It ought to say that four-digit years are permitted and preferred.

    The word “only” in this sentence is not true: “An OPML file may contain elements and attributes not described on this page, only if those elements are defined in a namespace, as specified by the W3C.” The next paragraph shows there is another extension mechanism.

    Now that the core element set is being frozen, you should discourage outline type-based extension and tell people that namespace-based extensions are preferred. Type-based extensions are difficult to support. If you find an OPML file with a new type, it’s not easy to find out who added it or where they documented it (if they documented it at all).

    Also, it would be helpful if you used this spec to promote two things:

    1. “application/opml+xml” as your preference for the MIME type for OPML, if the IANA ever adopts one

    2. Some form of OPML autodiscovery, such as this:


  9. All I know is that 6 months ago pretty much no-one I new had any understanding of why I blogged, posted photos to Flickr, wrote stuff in forums or subscribed to mailing lists. They had no interest in Twitter, in podcasting, in videoblogging, RSS…forget about it.

    Now an incredible amount of my friends are on Facebook. I can’t quite believe it, and how fast it has happened, and there are even a ton of women. They follow what their friends are doing by seeing updates on their profile page, they write on each others walls, they create groups, they watch internet video, they organise real life events and parties. I’ve really enjoyed watching them all start to learn about the web, often they’re just amazed by it all. Sound familiar?

    For all its faults, Facebook has just made the playground of the web a whole lot bigger.


  10. Re. dates, RFC 822 has long been obsoleted by RFC 2822. But for proper internationalization with simple processing, RFC 3339 is a much better bet. (This is essentially a useful profile of ISO 8601, as suggested by Randy).


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