Scripting News for 7/29/07

MP3s in Scripting News 

Fred Wilson sends a pointer to playtagger.

“Include this tiny javascript in your HTML, and your mp3 links will automatically become playable right on the page.”

Let’s test it!

A Christmas song for Doc 

I was reading David Weinberger’s beautiful testimonial to growing older, on the occasion of Doc’s 60th birthday, which is today!

I thought the best birthday present I could give Doc is the sound of beautiful music on Scripting News. And what song? Dr Dave helped me there. He wrote a gorgeous piece about John Lennon, that brought me tears of gratitude for a life that still continues inspire, even though it was cut short by an act of lunacy.

John Lennon’s So This is Christmas isn’t strictly a birthday song, but it works anyway.

So Doc, you’re an old fart for sure, but I love you dearly, and am glad your heart is healthy and you still have your sense of humor!

Big hugs, your pal, Dave

Enough Fresca?? 

Enough Fresca??

Marie Carnes: “I love Fresca ice cubes.”

A sure sign someone has switched to Mac 

Chris Pirillo: “The box said Requires Windows 95 or better. So I installed OS X.”

7 responses to this post.

  1. Um, don’t you need permission to share this tune? Has the estate of John Lennon agreed to let you take their property and distribute it freely? Copyrights anyone?


  2. Posted by Dave Petersen on July 29, 2007 at 6:34 pm

    Thanks Dave, I needed to hear and remember Lennon, again.

    The copyright question had crossed my mind also. However, in my opinion, if sitting on a jury, I’d say this use is clearly within the intent of fair-use. This is the use of culture to express, extend and reinforce culture. It is not a commercial good being used to further a commercial end.


  3. Re: the big RSS feed corpus: Has anyone run a check on the integrity of all these rss feed urls? And also how about an OPML file for all of them? These could then be put into OPML folders and categorised.

    Where’s Tom Morris when you need him eh? 🙂


  4. Re: RSS feeds corpus again:

    I can tell you off the bat that the 14,615 (!!!!) of those feeds pointing to the domain will all timeout not accessible.

    So, I’m not going to check the rest with a script. This did look like a useful resource, but now it feels a bit like a mail spam list, except with bad rss feed urls – not bad email addresses.

    oh well. nice idea though – i think ;p


  5. and finally : theyre not all RSS feeds. Feeds yes : but there are many Atom and RDF feeds in there too. ;p


  6. Oh, I see everything, Mr. Kosso. I’ll add the Big RSS Feed Corups Thing to my list of things to tinker with.


  7. Posted by Michael Gartenberg on July 30, 2007 at 5:05 am

    There’s never ennough Fresca 🙂 Hope they have the new flavors out west!


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