Scripting News for 8/6/07

Twitter for pictures!! 

I had to take a road trip to think of this one.

Before explaining the idea, let me say that I couldn’t have done it without: 1. Flickr’s fantastic support of RSS 2.0. 2. Twitter’s excellent API. 3. And one more thing. The iPhone’s ability to easily email a photo to Flickr.

With those three bits of excellence, it took a little more than an hour to get them all talking to each other so that when I take a picture and upload it to Flickr, it automatically notifies my Twitter subscribers.

That means when I see something wonderful or mundane or somewhere inbetween, a picture of a hot dog or a beautiful woman, or Mount St Helens blowing its top, or (this one’s for Dan Gillmor) a great news event, people who follow me in Twitter are instantly informed.

It’s like TwitterGram for pictures.

More evidence that Twitter is, as I suspected, a coral reef.

Bravo Flickr!

Hooray Twitter!

Thank you Apple!

PS: Fred Wilson wanted this too.

Driving is great for thinking 

I’m driving from the Bay Area to Seattle for multiple purposes.

1. It’s been a long time since I took a road trip. Last one was in the summer of 2005, almost two years ago.

2. I have a new car, and while it’s fun to get to know it by driving around the Bay Area, there’s nothing like taking it for an extended test drive.

3. The weather is fantastic in the northwestern US this time of year. While I’ve done the drive from Seattle to the Bay Area a few times, it’s never been in such good weather. It’s warm and clear. I’m seeing things that never made it through the fog and rain on previous trips.

4. I get great thinking done on these trips and come up with good ideas. More on that later.

5. It’s allowed me to get completely caught up with Fresh Air podcasts. More on that too.

Catching up on Fresh Air 

Having a car with a smooth iPod interface, one you can pause to listen to the radio (it happens automatically!) is a great luxury. It means you can load it up with podcasts, program your own experience, and it’s wonderful how the miles melt when your mind is engaged. Fresh Air is a fantastic driving companion.

Of all the shows I listened to, the July 23 installment, featuring a too-brief interview with Mohammed Hafez on Martyrs Without Borders, was the most eye-opening. Listen to it if you want to increase your understanding of what the U.S. has committed to in Iraq. It’s more information than you’ll get in a month of watching dumbed-down TV news.

Fresh Air, at its best, is great. Another great segment is the recent interview with Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson. And Isaac Hayes on Sammy Davis Jr’s cover of Shaft. They have their annoying moments too, but those were made up for by her great, human interview of Tammy Faye, who turns out to be more complex and thoughtful than I imagined (I never saw past her horrible makeup).

Okay, enough of that. Time to hit the road!!

11 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, Dave – I’m not sure what your schedule looks like but I know there would be some folks here in Portland who’d be psyched to meet if you had time for lunch, coffee, or dinner in our fine city here on the Willamette.

    Enjoy the drive!


  2. the funny thing is, why people would want to watch pictures of you on your trip to seattle; being, don’t get me wrong dave, that you’re basicaly a normal human being.

    is celebrity built into the human brain by default; i read a book on chimps that said it was so…

    do you think media will just flatten out to be nothing…are we killing celebrityism?

    i just find it fasicnating people want to do this.


  3. I think it’s great to have all these different applications talk to each other, I also understand it’s fun to program. I just don’t get why one would like to share every minute of his life over some digital channel. I still don’t get the whole twitter thing. Why don’t people get real life friends / partners?


  4. am i missing something ? don’t see how you did this, just an explanation of the concept (which is very cool!)


  5. Ed: my friends on Twitter are mostly the same people as in real life. The social use for it is the same as IRC – except that it can follow me while I’m out and about (thanks to SMS).


  6. There’s already a wifi-enabled HD-based car audio unit to which you can transfer songs from your home network. My friend had this I think over two years ago and it was cheap. He also had a mad NPR obsession and had custom scripts to download all his favorite shows and beam them to his car automatically. I’ll ask him what the car unit was called.


  7. I hope you didn’t write code for your Flickr to Twitter Mash, Dave. Any RSS from anywhere to your main Twitter account or to a fake account that you follow. Here’s some examples.
    – Updating your Facebook Status, updates your Twitter status.
    – Follow your friends Jaiku updates in Twitter.
    – Post to Flickr, generates a Tweet.
    – Setting your location in Plazes, updates your Twitter


  8. I love the fact that you have made twitting photos quick and easy. However, why would you assume that people that “follow” you want to see so many links? I’ve received 10 so far. Every single one sends me to Flickr where I can view everything you’ve uploaded (if I want to). Did you just get carried away with how easy it works?



  9. Posted by Jim Posner on August 6, 2007 at 2:34 pm

    Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park is always a nice Seattle side trip.


  10. Ed, don’t be such a crab! 🙂

    And what makes you think my real friends don’t watch my Twitter feed when I’m on the road??

    They’ve been saying shit like that about online stuff since forever, and it’s always been wrong. People said stuff like that about the telephone and roads too, I’m sure. Why take a ride on the railroad when all the people who care about you are right here at home.

    That’s what control freaks say.


  11. I’m not saying it’s wrong, I just don’t get it.. But I guess that’s my problem.
    I’ll crawl back under my rock in the coral reef. Have fun on your trip.


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