Scripting News for 8/9/07

Ready for a few testers 

If you want to test the new Flickr-to-Twitter page on, send me a private message.

I only have 10 invites for Round One. Anyone can register for the service, but only approved testers will be activated.

I want to do this slowly. The service is going poll your Flickr RSS 2.0 feed quite frequently, so I want to see how much server bandwidth it’s going to use.

Update #1: Okay, I’m going to try to quickly add support for special tags, so that not every Flickr picture you upload ends up in your Twitter stream. This was the other Fred Wilson request, and other people are asking for it. Obviously it needs to be in there. First I have to figure out how Flickr adds them to the RSS feed.

Update #2: The tag is there in the feed. But I gotta editorialize. Why did they invent their own category element instead of using the RSS 2.0 category element? Their new element appears to work exactly like the one they NIH’d. They didn’t follow Postel’s very good law there at Yahoo. No matter. I’m going to use it anyway. End of editorial.

7 responses to this post.

  1. I tried sending a private message via twitter did you get it?




  2. I added a photo to flickr with a really long semi URL for a title:
    The twittergram service picked this up, sent it through tinyurl, and the tweet is just a tinyurl. No tinyurl to the actual flickr photo though.

    Just like I thought it would.


  3. Here’s the original.


  4. Try Flickr has RSS. Twitterfeed can import it into Twitter. Doesn’t that get the job done?


  5. Yay! Works great for me. Thank you, Dave.


  6. Is this service still active? Just wondering, if I did it correctly or not. I posted a pic and did not see a tweet.


  7. Just tried Flickr-to-Twitter using email from iPhone and “twitter” tag . Photo made it to Flickr but so far hasn’t shown up as a Tweet.


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