Scripting News for 9/11/07

Does Iraq make America safer? 

Slate: “Republican Senator John Warner asked General David Petraeus whether the current strategy in Iraq ‘will make America safer.'”

Petraeus: “I believe that this is indeed the best course of action to achieve our objectives in Iraq.”

Warner repeated: “Does that make America safer?”

Petraeus: “I don’t know, actually.”

Health report, General Petraeus 

Feeling much better today.

Health is beginning to return. I owe it all to patience, lots of sleeping, drinking fluids, and not trying to be healthy before I actually am. Today I’m going to take a 20 minute easy walk in the sun.

Watching General Petreus testify today. The Dems are very polite. Sorry I still think we should get the hell out of Iraq. I don’t think any more Americans should die there.

Elizabeth Dole is speaking now.

Help Mozilla with localization? 

When I visited Mozilla in August, I met Michal Berman, who works in Toronto on localization of the browser. She asked if I had any insight into localization issues for RSS, and I offered that my readers probably know a billion times more about this than I do.

So I asked her to put up a blog post outlining her questions, and offered to link to it prominently from Scripting News. If you can help Mozilla, it’s definitely for a good cause. 🙂

6 responses to this post.

  1. we are running into similar problems trying to push an RSS feed (containing text messages) to a stadium arena board. Could sure use some help get the feed right. Anybody done this before? Hope not:)


  2. Posted by Jake on September 11, 2007 at 7:26 pm

    Is “to be safer” the only reason to wage war?


  3. Posted by Alex on September 12, 2007 at 9:05 am

    Well, of course the _real_ reason to wage war has always been power and money. But we have to justify the killing of other people before the population, right? So what else are you going to say? What could justify hundreds of thousands dead to a simple good-natured American? Obviously only personal safety. You can’t just go and tell him: “We caused all that death and destruction to spread democracy.” Especially since it is nowhere near to be spread. (I assume you meant that a war can be waged for some “noble” reasons)


  4. Dave, I picked up on that same exchange between Warner and Petraeus. So did a lot of people, I guess:

    I agree that the Democrats were polite in the extreme. You wouldn’t know, after listening to Crocker and Petraeus for two days, that Iraq had a home-grown insurgency; no, all the problems are due to a handful of foreign bad guys.


  5. Oh, and to Jake: Of course there are other reasons to wage war — conquest of territory, acquisition of resources, etc. Or maybe there are altruistic moments, too, such as the intervention in the former Yugoslavia. But the reason Petraeus’s remark is news is that “this is making us safer” is the administration’s bottom-line argument now.


  6. Posted by Jake on September 12, 2007 at 4:01 pm

    Did he say that “this is not making us safer” or just “I don’t know.”

    The administration may be relying on more intelligence than the general in forming its opinion.

    You could always get folksy – smashing the hornets’ nest may make you safer in the long run, but it sure stings a little when you’re doing it.


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