Scripting News for 10/30/07

A milestone for 

nytimesriver is on the first page of results when you search for “NY Times” on Google.

I find that amazing. Maybe because we don’t sell links (or take ads).

Marc Canter isn’t disclosed 

Google hasn’t sworn him to secrecy so he can speculate on what Maka Maka is.

Okay the new Wii works better, but… 

I got past the initial screen this time…

Any help on how to get a stuck disk unstuck in a Wii would be much appreciated.

Look: You can open it and push the disk out manually! 🙂

First look at Pownce’s API 

A twit last night from Scoble points to a page of docs on a new API for Pownce. Of course I want to check it out, since Pownce is roughly comparable to Twitter, which I use every day, and there is some functionality I’d like to see in the Twitter API. If that functionality is present in Pownce’s API, it seems more likely that it will show up eventually in Twitter’s.

First, the API is maybe 1/3 complete. If you scroll to the end of the page you’ll see a list of areas that haven’t yet been covered. The ability to post and read friends-only notes are very important, you can’t implement a client without those interfaces.

Examples of things you can do with the API, right now. Click on the link to see the XML that Pownce returns.

1. Get the most recent 10 public notes.

2. Get the most recent 10 public notes from Veronica Belmont.

3. Get my public profile.

4. Get my “first” 100 friends and fans.

9 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jjames on October 30, 2007 at 1:41 pm

    one suggestion i saw online —
    >> Try slightly sticking the edge of another CD in it to activate the disc sensor, then try ejecting it again. Try both the Wii’s button and the Wiimote’s button.

    and similar —
    >> When you go to try to boot the console up, try sticking another disc “under” the inside disc and your stuck one should* come out. However don’t have your face in front of the slot the disc usually flies out with lethal force.

    others have opened theirs to get one out, but that voids the warranty.


  2. Dave, you always seem to have some bad luck with new hardware!

    Trying leaving the wii unplugged until it’s cold and then reconnecting and ejecting. I’ve had some success with the above eject method on other machines too. Maybe you should call Nintendo again…I suppose there must be some people who need more than one replacement.


  3. Calvin, I’ve always had the worst hardware karma. 😦

    I’ll try your method, but maybe I wasn’t meant to have a Wii.


  4. Dave:
    Happy Halloween.
    Also, I love you.


  5. This will void your warranty Dave, but here is a guide to dissembling the Wii to eject the disc manually:

    I’d try the above tips, power off, then turn back on. Maybe see if your eject button is stuck. You might be able to pry it unstick with a flat head screwdriver.

    It’s new though so better to take it back to the store and get a new one.


  6. Posted by Colin Faulkingham on October 30, 2007 at 4:55 pm

    Dave you have a page rank of 8. Which, is very high for a blog.


  7. I hope you can get your wii to work. or get a new working one. I have often walked in on the kids using stumble and watching videos from all over the internet on tv. So far it is the best internet tv experience I have seen. I am hoping the PS3 will have a similarly comparable experience.


  8. Posted by bbebop on October 31, 2007 at 4:09 am

    traveling in ny with a new iphone. went to the hotel gift shop to pick up a copy of the nytimes, but the shop didn’t open until 7am. so i went to the restaurant, ordered my breakfast and read nytimesriver instead. excellent! but the nytimes sold one less newspaper today…


  9. Dave, the nytimesriver rocks. I have been using it on my iPhone and it makes reading the stream much easier and cleaner, giving me only what I need.



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