Scripting News for 11/4/07

Today’s links 

Amyloo spent the day studying OpenSocial.

Mark Cuban suggests that Facebook license their API.

Steven Levy on what it’s like to work at Google.

NY Times’s BlogRunner has an RSS 2.0 feed; I’m subscribed.

Feedback for disqus 

First, overall I like the way it works, but I’d like to see some improvements (or maybe pointers if I missed a feature).

1. WordPress has a very good feature that allows you to set a pref that requires a commenter to get approval the first time he or she posts. I want that here too.

2. I’d like an option to receive a copy of all comments via email. I think this feature exists, but I haven’t been able to find a way to turn it on.

3. Spam hasn’t been a problem yet, but it will be. What has disqus done to prepare for this?

4. I want to be able to maintain a copy of all the comments on my server in case I decide to switch later, and I’d like it to be in a format that a competitor can import. At some point, if this feature isn’t there, I will switch to one that offers this feature. I don’t support data lock-in.

To the disqus people, please don’t send me private email, just respond in the comments here. Thanks.

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