Scripting News for 11/7/07

Movies I’d like? 

Sad to say, my queue at Netflix is empty.

Okay, so you’ve been reading this blog for years, you know what movies I liked, probably don’t have much insight into movies I don’t (hint: I like most movies).

And now that we have easy comments (thanks to Disqus), it’s easy for you all to tell me what your favorite movies are.

The Clinton Years 

I just watched The Clinton Years, a Frontline documentary produced in conjunction with ABC News Nightline in 2001. It’s good time to review the eight years of Clinton’s presidency, because the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, was very much a part of that bit of history.

If find after having watched it that my impression of Mrs Clinton is quite different. How so? Hasn’t really settled in yet.

The show is very well produced, with interviews of many Clinton staffers, and it shows the repeating cycle of Clinton’s political and personal life. How would it be different with Hillary as President? That’s a question we’re clearly going to be deciding, very soon.

The PBS website for the program.

Twitter’s business model 

Dan Farber: “It’s not hard to imagine a contextual ad showing up every time you Twitter something. Twitter ‘I am drinking beer with friends’ and a Budweiser ad shows up. Now imagine the Twitter revolt.”

Oh yes there would be quite a revolt, a powerless one, unless there was an alternate service we could all switch to and then assuming we could get off our asses and actually switch. Yeah, we’re good at screaming, but not too great at acting, here.

I’m a bit of a Twit, myself, and I’d find it revolt-worthy if they tried to interrupt or punctuate discourse with product placements, but then Twitter’s destiny is, imho, to be acquired by a phone company and sold as a feature that gives users a reason to use one brand of phone over another. Not as a way for advertisers to hitch their “messages” on our discourse. We’ve seen how well that has (not) worked with advertising on email. Not likely to work much better on Twits.

Imagine if Nokia offered a cell phone with Twitter built-in, a checkbox for SMS users (default on?) — “Do you want to send SMS messages to your buddy list?”

Don’t you think the kids would go for that? (Maybe they can already do it, it’s likely that I’m that cluelss.)

Good advice? 

Paul Boutin: “Never try to win a fight with Dave Winer.”

Heh. I wonder why?

Kaliya Hamlin, listening 

5 responses to this post.

  1. I’m astounded that Farber thought this needed to be said. What does he think Twitter Tips are if not a dry-run for a contextual advertising platform?

    It will be interesting to see if Twitterific, IM clients and other Twitter platforms begin to implement ad-blocking. Phones will be SOL, of course, but personally I doubt I’ll mind the ads.


  2. i vote, all the time, and persoannaly, i will never vote for clinton. why? 1. it’s a setup, and 2:

    bush, clinton, bush, ?

    as for me, i despartly want change.

    now, i definitely think we should give it to obama.

    and i was born in mississippi, and i’m white, and i’m old.



  3. Good flicks: “Better Than Sex,” “Besieged,” “Imagine (John Lennon),” “The Straight Story,” “Greendale (Neil Young),” “Neil Young: Heart of Gold.” Those should set you straight for a week or two….


  4. Posted by Bryan Schappel on November 7, 2007 at 8:13 pm

    I have to say that one of my favorite movies is “The Iron Giant”. It was the last animated movie to be produced by the old Warner Bros. Animation Studio and was directed by Brad Bird. Brad Bird brought us “The Incredibles” and many great seasons of the Simpsons.

    Not many people saw this in the theaters. In fact while Bird was finishing the film and was doing promotion Warner was closing the animation studio.

    It’s a look back at America during the dawn of the “space race” and then the atomic bomb was new. To me is shows great imagination but is still a simple story of “a boy and his dog”. If the dog were a 100 foot tall robot.

    It’s somewhat funny that this week’s Nova was on Sputnik. The opening scene in Iron Giant is Sputnik as seen from space.

    Disclaimer: I am a fan of animation (not to be confused with anime). One of the few true American art forms.

    If you did not watch it on HBO when it aired check out “Band of Brothers”. Fantastic story and haunting music by Michael Kamen.


  5. Posted by John McArthur on November 8, 2007 at 2:43 am

    I’ll second the nomination for Band of Brothers, a truly spectacular show. Hard to believe it was made for TV. I wish British TV could make shows like this.


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