Scripting News for 11/9/07

Another great picture of Marc Canter, sleeping 

Taken in the summer of 1998, in Trieste.

Here’s another, a classic, also in Italy.

My Wii is back 

And it works!

I’ve played tennis, baseball and bowling.

It’s great.

My favorite so far is bowling. 🙂

Something broke in FlickrLand? 

The docs are scarce and the community is scattered, so it’s hard to tell what may have changed or why. With that caveat…

This API call used to return a variety of sizes for each picture in my account, including the only one I wanted (for backup purposes) the “original” size.

But all of a sudden, yesterday or the day before, it stopped returning it. I swear I didn’t change anything in my code. Hunting through Google I see various bug reports, but nothing that quite looks like this one.

Update: The consensus is that the user has to be authenticated to get the Original size picture. This must be a new policy. I’ll be able to test it a little later. In the meantime, my Wii arrived.

Good morning campers! 

I’m your Uncle Ernie and

I welcome you to Tommy’s Holiday Camp. Puh.

The camp wif the difference.

Never mind the weather.

When you gum to Tommy’s.

The holiday’s fo’evuh!


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