Scripting News for 11/10/07

Yo Valleywag 

Kind of amazing this pic hasn’t shown up on Valleywag, given their obsession with Scoble.

Creative Commons — attribution, share-alike license. 🙂

Sore Wii arm 

I love Wii bowling.

My arm and shoulder are sore.

Video thumbnail. Click to play

There must be good exercise games for the Wii.

Got any recommendations?

Davos Envy 

I noted that Mike Arrington is going to Davos this year. I know another blogger who got an invite (not sure if he wants me to say). Now I wish I was a little less fame-averse. I had a great time in Davos in 2000. I’d love to go again. Oh well.

The official answer: I wouldn’t go if they invited me. If you believe that, I have a nice bridge to sell you. Cheap! 🙂

Fandom on Facebook 

I became a fan of the NY Times on Facebook.

This is very interesting!

I should have a fan page for Scripting News.

Wonder how to do?

I took their news quiz, got all the answers right. They said I guessed, but I didn’t, I knew all the answers.

Truth be told you don’t have to read the Times to know these things. I got the answers from watching Countdown a couple of nights this week. 🙂

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by ben greenberg on November 11, 2007 at 8:48 pm

    WiiFit is coming out next year. It has a balance board pad to go along with the Wiimote. –Ben


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