Scripting News for 11/15/2007

Is Twitter down? 

It’s been flaky all day, and they removed a really key feature, and now (4:55PM Pacific) I can’t get through at all.

If you can shed any light on this, please post a comment here.

The feature that’s gone is they would hot-up names that appeared after at-signs, so you could click on the name and go the person’s page. Let’s hope it’s just a bit of breakage and not something they did on purpose.

Update: It’s pretty clear that Twitter has been down for a couple of hours (as of 6:10PM). It’s also clear that it’s become an integral part of communication for some of us, I’m one of those people. This outage is giving me ideas for a low-tech decentralized way to do Twitter with RSS and software running on the desktop.

Update: It’s back up at 6:45PM Pacific. Jack Dorsey says the @ problem is a bug and will be fixed.

Good morning! 

Yesterday at 6PM my home LAN went off the Internet. The DSL service was down, first time in a year, and in that year I had built a fair amount of stuff on the assumption that the connection is there. I couldn’t update Scripting News, for example, because the CMS was running on an old laptop in the den.

It took some effort but I think I have the app moved, and I’m using the EVDO card while AT&T gets around to fixing the problem, which may happen as early as tomorrow afternoon, knock wood, praise Murphy etc etc.

Just as this is happening a ton of other things are demanding my attention. It’s at times like this that I wonder how I ever used to get so much done. Kind of a miracle. Life is slower these days, that’s for sure. At least for me. 🙂

The net went down just as I was about to put up a picture of Sponge Bob next to the bit about startups being sponges.

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