Scripting News for 11/20/07

Kindle’s most interesting feature 

The most interesting thing I’ve heard so far sbout Kindle is that it is untethered. It does its own synching, it doesn’t depend on a computer to do it, eliminating the chief hassle of iPods.

Can it subscribe to a podcast feed? Can it play audio? I don’t know.

Apple’s most annoying feature 

I don’t use a Kindle (see above) and I suspect I never will, I couldn’t get myself to spring for the $399, which is relatively cheap for a new device with EVDO built in. There’s something about Kindle that creeps me out, like reserving a seat on an airplane in row 13. It feels unlucky.

I don’t feel that way about Macs. I use them all the time. I’m typing this on a Mac, for example.

Until yesterday, the most annoying feature of a Mac was that it automatically launches iPhoto, a program which I loathe, every time I connect my iPhone or digital camera. I seem to remember, vaguely, giving it permission to do this, but where did I do that, so I can go back there to turn it off.

I did figure it out, but it took a few Google searches. It’s in one of the stupidest least obvious places. It should be in the System Preferences app, since it’s a system function. Another place I looked was in the prefs for iPhoto.

Post your theory in the comments for this post. If no one gets it in an hour or so, I’ll post the answer here. But I suspect you guys already know, cause you know so much about Macs! 🙂

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