Scripting News for 12/4/2007

NPR radio debate 

I caught a bit of today’s radio debate between the Democratic presidential candidates.

NPR is providing it as an MP3 download. Much appreciated.

One thing’s for sure, we dodged a big World War III size bullet today with the National Intelligence Estimate. Looks like the military didn’t want to go to war with Bush, again.

Now a question for the electorate, how do we make sure that the next president gets the message loud and clear — no more bullshit wars. I think a late-term impeachment and trial of Bush and Cheney would help make the point to future presidents. Fuck with the people again and we’ll have your ass.

That Bush even thinks about legacy is a travesty. He belongs in jail. That’s his legacy.

The creative process 

I’ve been focused for the last 1.5 months on creating something new. It’s amazing how much work it takes to do this. In the end you strive to make it look so simple and install so easily that it seems obvious and trivial. But after all that, if it worked, people are creating in ways they weren’t before. That’s the gratification available to creativity. These days it’s rarely rewarded with money. Okay, that’s the way it goes, and in some sense is the way it’s always been. The reward of art is insight. The reward of achievement is the possibility of more achievement. Having done it once, you always want to do it again, the next time on your terms, but it never works out that way.

Creativity is a process like seduction. The idea has to be teased out, you have to come at it straight on, then from the side, then sneak up from the rear. It isn’t until you understand all facets of a problem that the solution is revealed, and then, if it’s really a solution, it reveals a whole new class of problems. (The joy of platforms.)

I think I got there this time. I have to wait a couple of weeks before taking the next step. Now I have to get ready to get out of town. There may be more writing here, maybe not. We’ll find out soooon enough! šŸ™‚

Want something more to read? Check out this piece about different things we’ve done with RSS. Think about it. Moving the ball forward in one of these directions is what’s next.

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